When we decided to sell our house, we were looking for a new realtor as we did not have the best experience with the one we worked with in the past. Tanya was recommended to us by our mortgage broker. And I can’t thank him enough for that. From the very first time I met her in person I knew that with a realtor like her, our house will be presented in the best way possible and will fly off the market. That is exactly what happened. Our house was sold within the first 4 days of listing. Thanks to Tanya’s advice we sold it for more than we expected. She supported us throughout the whole process and provided us some great tips and advice. She also works with an amazing staging company.
Moreover she helped us with the purchase of our new house. Unlike other realtors, Tanya gives honest feedback and each time walked us through the advantages and disadvantages of every house we went through. She never rushed us, unlike some other realtors that we had experience with in the past, who want you to buy ASAP to get rid of you. Tanya always came prepared and knew all the details about the house. Tanya is amazing and i highly recommend her!

P.S. Just wanted to comment on the bad review left here, we were the ones who asked Tanya to book that showing. Our daughter got sick and had a very high fever the night before so I had to make last minute cancellation with Tanya. She hadn’t had a chance to cancel the showing on time because of me. Life is unpredictable and different situations happen. So please disregard that comment as it wasn’t her fault.

-Antonina Slotkaia