Nadine and Rob 2As first time buyers in Canada neither Nadine or myself had any real knowledge of how to buy a house here, what to look for, how much it would cost, the taxes involved, the benefits we were entitled to etc. Our experiences of realtors in the UK conjured up the stereotypical images of fake smiles, commission driven discussions and a genuine lack of trust.With this in mind we began our search not really knowing what to expect. We went from open house to open house, collecting business card after business card without really achieving much. Then we visited a condo in Mississauga by chance, and although we hated the property we really liked the agents. From the outset Tanya and Steve were professional, friendly and attentive but not too pushy. They let us walk around at our own leisure and when we were ready to ask questions they were happy to give us the answers. They were like us on many levels, Tanya was expecting their first child as was Nadine, Steve was happy to humour Rob about how to create the perfect man cave, they were like us but realtors….we came away not being any closer to finding a house but knowing we had found an agent on our level, who we could work with.

Over the next couple of months our search became more serious and we decided to appoint Tanya and Steve as our sole agent. Every day we would receive a list of properties. These were always within our budget, and were specific to our requests. We wanted our first home to be perfect for us, so the list of our demands was fairly extensive. Steve and Tanya worked tirelessly to provide us with the types of home we were looking for. We saw many properties and due to the nature of the market we often had to act fast, Tanya and Steve never missed an appointment and were always happy to fit us in. They listened to us, understood our needs, they knew that if one of us had our reservations on a house they wouldn’t play the pushy agent and try to convince us, instead they just smiled and offered us alternatives.

The first house we fell in love with went to offers and as it turned out we were one of seven. Our bid was unsuccessful but Tanya and Steve worked with us to ensure our bid was strong even though eventually the house went for way over the asking price. They reassured us that our bid was strong and they reiterated that they would find us something just as perfect if not better.

After looking at a number of other properties we finally found our house. When we walked through the door, we both knew it was the one, Steve was with us on the viewing and he also knew….the rest of that weekend was phone call after phone call, agents talking to agents/sellers etc. Again Tanya and Steve worked tirelessly that weekend to ensure that the deal was done and we believe that they got us the best deal possible. What surprised me was that once the contracts were signed that wasn’t the end of our relationship, Steve joined us for the inspection, Tanya took Nadine back to the house a few times to bounce ideas around, talk color schemes etc. This is a team that will really go the extra mile for you, get the job done and make it a really pain free process. Their industry knowledge is superb and they go out of their way to ensure that the client is satisfied.

As a business relationship you will not find a more professional, thorough and caring agent, as a result of this on a personal level we now also consider them good friends and they are always welcome at our home. We would thoroughly recommend Tanya and Steve and look forward to doing business with them in the future. Thanks so much.

-Rob and Nadine Lancaster