Janis and Michael BlauelI am writing to describe our experience with Sutton Group, and more specifically with our agent, Tanya Crepulja.

It began in Feb 2012, where Tanya was recommended to us by our bank branch. We then received a call from her where she introduced herself, and was kind, approachable and informative. We set up a meeting and some key milestones. As we had lived at that address for 26 years, there was mixed emotion with the sale of the house, as well as being an entirely new experience for us.

Given the fact that I myself have spent (also) 26 years in an industry highly focused on Customer Service, I tend to be a bit of a tough customer at times. Never once did Tanya ever falter on her commitments, and she was extremely patient and tolerant to a degree that most people could not achieve. Tanya’s knowledge of the market, the neighbourhood, the industry trends and key success factors remain unmatched. We interviewed other agencies as well, but no one came anywhere close to offering the aptitude or the savvy that Tanya brings. Rarely is one fortunate enough to meet someone who exceeds the definition of a consummate professional.

We put her through many delays, many missed target dates, and throughout it all she remained focused, supportive and dedicated. In all my years of working with Customer service professionals, Tanya by far is one of the best I have encountered. She is highly capable, she has a contagious passion, she strives for success, and it is our firm belief that her winning attitude and skills contributed to our home being sold in less than 1 day, for 99% of asking price.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Tanya working for them, has a truly outstanding asset in their corner, as well as the pleasure of working with a very attentive, genuine and wonderful person.

-Janis and Mike Blauel & Family