I had begun looking for a space to start my Muay Thai gym and had another real estate agent helping me out. He was nice and efficient, but I often felt pressured to choose the properties he wanted me to choose as opposed to ones that I felt spoke to me. Once I decided to switch I saw a real difference. Ms.Crepulja was always available to speak to, she helped with everything I needed and I never felt pressured to pick any property that I was not 100% in love with. Finding a real estate agent who truly wants you to LOVE your home or property is hard to come by these days. Tanya made that process easy and fun. Thank you Tanya for all of your help, my business is in a perfect place for us and we are very busy!

I already have Ms. Crepulja looking for my new home as well! I would gladly recommend her to anyone.

-Jenypher Lanthier