Of all them smiley agents I could dial in my city, I ring back one suited to Joes more important than me; she is even more beautiful in person—more about this later. Our meeting had been a testament to her excellence, and I knew we’d be in this deal together ‘til the end.

But I wasn’t looking for a pretty face: caught with my gloves off changing careers, I was in trouble—both wrists nailed against my dream condo like a nightmare, I was sinking fast in a sea with all light fading behind dark market sentiments—damn my life to come to this.

I was looking for a holiday miracle. How far do doves fly?

Flip ahead to the week before Christmas. Parked at my favorite mall and ready to hunt down the perfect cheap gift for my brother, I lift a small black box out from a tissue-paper-filled bag; I had just met my agent in my lobby where she reminds me how few shopping days remain, and to thank me for trusting her: the prior week we sold my old dream for every dollar I had asked the heavens for. Unbuckling, I examine the silver-bow-tied box thinking it can’t be a ring (I’m too short). I open it to see a black gift card. My eyes zero in on the amount and I muffle my holy expletive. Did I say she is even more beautiful?

I sat in that car grinning like I haven’t since my sun-soaked days as a kid; this is one gift I will remember. I pop the door open, and breathe in the brisk air before planting both of my feet, down on this earth. Maybe I did skip my way to that mall entrance. I know I smiled my whole way there.

Finding partners in life matter. Tanya Crepulja has my won my exultations for her soaring service. Professional in every way, in every move, at all hours—how it is she handles situations with focus and grace—this surely flows from passion meeting ability. Let not the dove mislead you: if need be, this agent will boldly fly through a storm and deliver. Call for her. You may awake to a bright new day.

-John Lee