livia-fu-and-seamus-osullivanAlthough exhausting, we really enjoyed looking at the houses with you.  We appreciated your honesty about the condition of the houses and were glad that you knew what to look for/consider (ie window dates, slope of the backyard, busy street, neighbours) because we didn’t even think of those things or know where to look.  We liked that we never felt pressured into pursuing any of the houses.  And when it came down to putting an offer in, closing the deal and staging/renting our condo we felt that you were with us every step of the way.  We really liked how you added the lawnmower condition into the offer…we didn’t even think that was a possibility.  And we appreciated that we were always able to contact you with questions or concerns (even when you were on vacation!).  Your advice was invaluable.  Although it was scary at times we knew we could trust you and that you were looking out for our best interests. Thanks for helping us purchase our first home.


-Livia Fu and Seamus O’Sullivan