N2072418It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Tanya Crepulja! It was my family’s first time selling a house and I was incredibly skeptical (to say the very least!) Tanya stepped in to save the day just as we were about to call it quits on selling our home. We had previously been working with a different agent who had completely killed our dreams of selling our home and taking that next step. We were so turned off by this individual’s approach that we were ready to take our house off the market. As our luck would have it, we were given the privilege to meet and work with Tanya. She immediately turned our negative outlook into one of excitement and happiness. She wasted no time in bringing in both a professional stager as well as a professional photographer in order to best market and advertise our house. Tanya worked with us to make us feel comfortable and at ease with the decisions that we were making. She really took the time to explain in detail the whole process of selling a house every step of the way. Tanya is very dedicated to her clients and her sense of professionalism is both impressive and encouraging. It’s so nice and genuinely refreshing to see an individual such as Tanya be so committed to providing optimal customer care and service. I really feel as though she took the time to listen to our needs and did everything in her power to make sure she not only met these needs, but also surpassed our expectations. My most sincere thanks to Tanya for all of her hard work and dedication. It is my pleasure to recommend Tanya to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. I can personally guarantee that you will be satisfied with her results. Thanks again Tanya!!!

-Rachele and Tony Sgambelluri