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fall-inspired dinner table | Fall Decor Ideas To Transition Your Home Into The New Season

Fall Decor Ideas To Transition Your Home Into The New Season

Oct 7, 2021 | Lifestyle

If you’re anything like us, you absolutely live for the fall. While fall can definitely feel like one of our shorter seasons in Toronto and the GTA, we always do our best to make every minute of it count.

As home design enthusiasts, we never pass up on the opportunity to lean on our favourite fall influences to reimagine the interior design and decor aesthetic of our home. Especially seeing as fall is a time of year when we find ourselves entertaining family and friends even more frequently, with Thanksgiving and the cooler weather the main culprits there.

So, ahead of the coming cooler weather, we’re giving away some of our go-to decor ideas to help you and your home tastefully transition into one of Canada’s most scenic and beautiful seasons, fall.

Moody Lighting

When summer comes to an end, so do those extremely long days where the sky is light out from the time you wake up right up until eight or nine at night. Come fall, however, the days get shorter and shorter, and in our opinion, so should your home.

Don’t try to fight the loss of light in fall, but embrace it instead — especially when the sun starts to set. Once the light gets lower, turn down the dimmer switches on your larger lights (or easily install them if you don’t already have them) and enjoy the cozy lower lighting.

Better yet, place large lanterns in the corners of your main rooms while scattering candles across tables, shelves, and countertops too. When it gets darker outside, rely on candlelight as much as possible to set the tone for a very ‘hygge’ home environment.

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Lay Down New Rugs

In the summertime, doormats and rugs aren’t all that essential, but when the weather starts to turn and walking outdoors becomes a little messier, they’re worth their weight in gold. Our advice is to include more area and sectional rugs with autumnal colours, textures, and tones into your space to really ramp up those fall vibes.

Thicker rugs with more plush padding are also much nicer on the feet when the weather drops down in the fall. Plus, everyone loves a festive welcome mat when stopping by for Thanksgiving or Halloween, so use this as another great opportunity to inject some fall fun into your doorway areas.

Revamp Your Tabletop

Remember what we said about entertaining? Well, seeing as the first place you need to address when throwing a cocktail or dinner party is your dining room table or kitchen island, this is another fantastic chance to include a bit of fall-themed decor in your home too.

Lookout for fabric elements like linens and runners with fall-influenced designs and deeper, more moody colours featured throughout them. Centrepieces are also fun to customize to a fall theme too — often a collection of heirloom squash or pumpkins are fun, or perhaps something even more rustic and natural like a refined wooden bowl or tray filled decoratively with vibrant leaves from outside.

On special occasions like Thanksgiving or Halloween, some fun festive chargers are also a great conversation point too.

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Big Cozy Blankets and Pillows

Nothing screams coziness like a big, thick blanket draped around your sitting chairs or couch — or even better, your shoulders! When it comes to the best blankets for the fall, we go by one rule; the thicker, the better.

Reach for sheepskins, faux furs, or really heavyweight plaids and flannels when deciding on your next living room or bedroom blanket addition. The same idea goes for bed throws, fireplace rugs, and even bathroom towels and linens. Remember; the thicker, the better.

You can also update the look and feel of your living room with new fall-inspired throw pillows and accent pieces. Darker colours and heavy textiles like velvet add weight to the room that can feel cozy and warm during the cooler fall season.

Switch Over Those Duvets

Speaking of bedding, the drop in temperatures come fall also means it’s time to stow away those lightweight linen duvets and break out the heavier-weight ones to ensure you stay nice and warm throughout the colder nights to come.

While opting for a heavyweight duvet is the main objective here, don’t miss out on the opportunity to incorporate a few more fall-themed patterns and colours onto your bed too. Look for calming earthy tones like browns, burgundies, and forest greens to really capitalize on the fall vibes here.

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Bring The Outdoors In

One of the main reasons we love fall so much is because of the stunning transition between summer and winter in nature, which is why we love getting outside as much as possible. When you’re inside at home, however, we still encourage you to welcome as much of the beautiful outdoors into your home as you can as well.

Tasteful homages to the outdoors through decor items like stacks of rustic firewood, large wreaths on doorways and mantlepieces, and decorative branches and dried flowers in glass vases are all great ways to bring the outside, in.

If you want to get really creative with this nature-driven design concept, you could even head outside to collect some of the season’s most beautiful leaves and arrange them creatively in frames! Or, use stained and finished birch tree rings as coasters or placemats in the dining room. Just try your best not to bring any unwanted wildlife into your home while doing so!

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