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How to Build the Perfect Gallery Wall

Mar 4, 2022 | Lifestyle

If you have recently moved into a new home, one of the first things you want to do is find ways to make it feel like your own. The finest, most subtle details can make any house feel more luxurious, no matter the square footage.

With the right decor, you can give old homes a modern flair or make a new build warm and inviting, as though you’ve lived there for years.

There are few better ways to update your home than with art.

Art as an investment

When you think of investing to build your nest egg, beautiful paintings may be the last thing on your mind. However, according to publications like The Motley Fool and Forbes, art can be a more stable long-term investment than stocks or bonds.

You can reduce the risk of buying art by sticking with two core principles.

  1. Invest in” Blue Chip” art. A “blue chip” artist is one whose works sell consistently. These pieces will likely rise in value. At worst, they will retain value and are unlikely to depreciate. While some famous blue-chip masterpieces can go for millions of dollars, you can often find up-and-coming artists for reasonable prices.
  2. Buy art because you love it. Sticking with pieces you love will always pay the greatest dividend: a sense of breathtaking joy every time you step into the room. When you buy art for your own enjoyment, you don’t have to worry about the price tag. Beautiful reprints and stunning originals by artists at street festivals can make your room look spectacular.

What is the best way to display all this artwork? A gallery wall is a curated display of prints, paintings or drawings and is a timeless way to group your most spectacular pieces. 

With that in mind, here are seven tips to help you start building your own perfect gallery wall.

1. Decide on your focal point

Even the most beautiful pieces can lose interest when randomly thrown together. A high-quality gallery wall has a hidden structure holding it all together. Start with your favourite painting as your focal point and build everything else around it.

2. Sort your pieces by size and shape

The point of a gallery wall isn’t to be perfectly symmetrical. However, it does have to have structure. Combine the large pieces with the smaller ones in an attractive pattern to capture attention. Experiment by laying out your design on the floor before hanging anything on the wall. When you get it right, your arrangement is a work of art in and of itself!

3. Decide on a colour scheme

Any designer will tell you: colours matter! Specific colours go well together, and others simply clash. Each piece of art should blend in and complement every other work.

If something looks out of place, it can ruin the effect of the whole wall.

This doesn’t mean you have to do away with any artwork you cherish. If you love something that doesn’t work on your gallery wall, you can always use it in another room. Maybe you can even start a smaller gallery somewhere else!

4. Mix it up, but stay classy 

Use different shapes vertical prints, horizontal prints, wood frames, black frames, white frames, no frames. A variety of shapes and styles makes your gallery more attractive.

Just make sure you don’t go too crazy. Overkill will spoil the effect and make your wall look sloppy.

Do you have a friend with an eye for design? Ask them to take a look and offer their feedback. 

5. Measure twice, nail once

In construction, there’s a saying, “measure twice and cut once.” The same principle applies when building your gallery wall.

Measure everything so you know how to arrange them before you start nailing holes in the wall. You can even pencil in lightly where each piece will go and erase the marks once your gallery is finished.

6. Make it personal 

Now that you’ve sourced your art, decided on a theme and mapped out your display, there is just one thing missing: Something of yours! Adding one or two personal pieces will give your wall a uniqueness no one else can match.

You can make your wall personal even if you think you don’t have an artistic bone in your body.

Try watching a tutorial on Youtube and following along, or grab an art book from the library. You’ll be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it. 

Or you could go out with friends to a “Paint Nite,” If all else fails, you can create your own “abstract” work of art. 

7. Be brave, be proud and showcase your masterpiece! 

And don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Add a nice frame and give it a spot on the wall. You never know; your friends may admire your hidden talent when they see your creation.

If you feel that you absolutely cannot add your own art, a child’s drawing or a printed photo will add a touch of personality.

Adding a gallery wall is a fun way to give an air of sophistication and atmosphere to your home that you can enjoy for many years. Every time you walk into the room, you’ll feel your spirit brighten. And who knows? One day, one of those pieces may become the next Picasso!

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