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Private Schools in the West GTA: Our Top Picks

Private Schools in the West GTA: Our Top Picks

Jun 8, 2021 | Buyers

If you’re like most parents, you want the very best education for your children. In many cases, that means opting for a private school. While there’s no shortage of options in the West GTA, finding the right one for your kids is crucial. It may even factor into where you decide to live!

Here are seven impressive private schools to consider in the West GTA…

1) Mentor College

Mentor College is one of the oldest private schools in Mississauga. It’s strongly committed to (among other things) preparing students for a successful university experience. It starts in junior kindergarten—and extends all the way to the end of high school. Small classes and parental involvement (which is strongly encouraged) are some of the biggest advantages of choosing this stellar learning environment.

With its focus on things like time management and study skills, this really is the place to send your kids if you’re thinking ahead to university. While it starts early, they’ll gain some of the most important knowledge they’ll need for the years ahead in high school.

2) Kendellhurst Academy

Another Mississauga entrant, Kendellhurst Academy, is a supportive school with an impressive reputation. This Streetsville learning environment, which runs from preschool to grade 8 (in two separate buildings for preschool and grade school), provides a nurturing environment focused on both personal and academic excellence. The curriculum stimulates students’ minds, spirits, creativity, and intelligence—all in an unpretentious environment. Above all, it’s child-centred—and the dedicated, hard-working educational team reflects that.

One thing that sets Kendellhurst apart is its recognition that teachers should facilitate learning for individual students. While all private institutions tend to be focused on performance, Kendellhurst staff understands that children learn in different ways—and assists them accordingly.

3) Lynn Rose Heights

Lynn Rose Heights is a private Mississauga school that educates children who are pre-k (as young as three) all the way up to grade 12. During their tenure, students are prepared for university, adulthood, and the world. The school aims to “cultivate lifelong learners in a multicultural community,” a goal that’s never been more important.

One of Lynn Rose Heights’ claims to fame is its status as an IB World School. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program offers four highly challenging, international educational programs for students aged 3-19.

4) St Mildred’s-Lightbourne School

St Mildred’s-Lightbourne School has roots that stretch back over 125 years, but its mandate has always been the same: to empower girls and young women. This Oakville learning institution is also a wonderful place to receive an education. Its 10-acre campus is equipped with outdoor classrooms and nature gardens, as well as two art studios, two gyms, a black box theatre, a dining hall, and more.

From preschool to senior school, girls enjoy an incredible mix of programs—including everything from STEM and robotics to global citizenship. It doesn’t get more well-rounded than that.

5) Linbrook School

Linbrook is an independent school for boys. This Oakville institution is all about helping students discover their interests. With a current average class size of 18, teachers have plenty of time to do just that. From access to technology to hands-on learning exercises, boys at Linbrook have opportunities to grow and explore in the classroom every day.

If your son is all about extracurriculars, they’re bound to be excited by the school’s selection. There’s no doubt that they’ll find just the right activity, whether it’s computer coding club, martial arts, or private music lessons.

6) Walden International School

With a motto like “making good people,” it’s fair to expect a lot from Walden International School. This learning institution (which serves students from preschool to grade 8) provides enriched studies. Subjects run the gamut and include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Walden is also an IB school.

This Oakville gem is also known for offering mindful meditation in the classroom. The school’s website notes that there’s research suggesting it can lead to better math scores, fewer ADHD symptoms, and kinder behaviour (among other benefits).

7) Fern Hill School

One of the best private schools in the West GTA, Fern Hill, has campuses in Burlington and Oakville. Both sit on large pieces of land, educate students from preschool to grade 8, and offer an impressive litany of programs. From Mandarin to math contests to dramatic art, students can explore and find their passions.

Fern Hill School is unique in its subject-specific teaching approach, where each staff member specializes in one area. As opposed to each grade being assigned a teacher, students are given the opportunity to interact and connect with a variety of them throughout the day.

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