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713,443 (as of 2011)


292 km

Home Cost

$546,720 (as of December 2015)

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Mississauga maintains two public school systems, one nondenominational, and one Catholic. These boards service the educational needs of students from junior kindergarten to the completion of high school. Mississauga hosts one of the satellite campuses of the University of Toronto, and is within commuting distance of the major universities and colleges in the city. As well Mississauga offers parents a range of private school options.

Size and Character

Mississauga is a large, mainly suburban city to the west of Toronto. It boasts a wide variety of housing developments, condo developments and other housing options. Within the city there are many small villages that have retained their historic charm. Although Mississauga developed as a suburban adjunct to Toronto, what has emerged is an independent culture and spirit that sometimes enjoys its connection to the larger city, and sometimes remains fiercely independent.


Like Toronto, Mississauga has a multicultural blend of residence. However, with the street layout and configuration of housing developments, the community offers a quieter, more spread out character. Within its multiple shopping areas, villages, and sub-districts residents can expect to find shopping, dining and entertainment to suit almost any tastes.