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Stunning Curb Appeal

Stunning Exteriors: Why Beautiful Curb Appeal Is Essential When Selling a Luxury Home

Oct 18, 2023 | Sellers

As a top-performing real estate team in the GTA, we have extensive experience selling upscale properties of every type. Our clients have ranged from notable homes in Toronto’s most desired neighbourhoods to majestic estates throughout Mississauga, Oakville, and Burlington. 

As you might expect, meticulous preparations provide much of the foundation for a successful sale. A spotless interior from top to bottom and artful staging come together to create an almost magical effect on potential buyers. Throughout this process and the focus on the interior, one can tend to overlook one of the most important aspects of the sale: the home’s exterior. It’s easy to do when the inside looks so inviting and luxurious. It’s natural to expect the exterior to be the same. That’s why it’s essential to take a good look to determine if it is indeed up to par with the inside of the home.

Captivating the buyer’s imagination begins long before they even see your gorgeously decorated interior. It begins before they even pull up into the driveway, with a magnificent exterior to create a first impression that can only be described as mesmerizing.

Creating stunning curb appeal, however, requires a detailed eye and careful planning. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the high-level ways you can make your home instantly captivating the moment a potential buyer lays eyes on it.

Laying the Foundation for Success

Revamping your outdoor space may seem like a monumental task, and not everyone has an eye for design or a green thumb to make the yard come alive. Not to worry, however. Taking your outside curb appeal from mediocre to impeccable actually starts with a few simple steps that nearly anyone can do.  

  • Start by washing exterior windows, eavestroughs and soffits, doors, and cleaning up the yard, mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and ensuring outdoor pathways are clear.
  • Trim any outdoor hedges and decayed plants to create a cohesive and well-manicured appearance.
  • Change all exterior light bulbs and consider adding or updating exterior light fixtures.
  • Be sure your address sign is easy to read, and in an updated style of numbers that look more contemporary and suited for the home.
  • Use seasonal decor that is easy to switch out as the year progresses, such as potted plants, wreaths, welcome mats, and hardwired or solar lighting.

Ask For Support

If you recruit some friends or family members to help, your curb appeal will start to shape up in no time. As well, our trusted landscape design expert is available for our clients to consult with as needed, which will take the guessing game out of what to do to prepare. We can also arrange for our landscaper to help with the planting and preparation, making this step even easier as it’s in the hands of a professional.

Once you’ve prepared the front and rear of the property, you’re ready for more advanced design principles that will make your listing shine.

Curb appeal is critical, but what’s inside also counts. Below, you’ll find some of the ways to take your indoor decor to the next level:

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

If there is one principle to follow when designing your outdoor decor, it’s to think of it as an extension of your indoor living space, which makes your home seem larger and more valuable.

For maximum appeal, design your exterior to appeal to all senses:

  • A splash of colour and sophisticated yet stylish decor pieces 
  • Comfortable outdoor furnishings that inspire your potential buyer to envision themselves entertaining friends or relaxing the day away
  • Fire tables, outdoor heaters or stone fireplaces to add warmth and allow the enjoyment of outdoor spaces for longer
  • Flowers for both visual beauty and fragrance

Done well, effective curb appeal enhances and enlarges your living space, greatly increasing your home’s perceived value. 

Plan for the Season

Since it will take time to prepare your home for a sale, you may need to plan a few months out. This could mean we will be entering into a new season. You’ll want to keep this possible time delay in mind when planning your outdoor décor, as this would also be the last step in preparing the property for sale. Any exterior plantings made should be fresh, lawns neatly manicured and property kept up until the time to list.  For example, if you make a selling decision in the summer, and if the interior home prep may take a while, your listing might not actually hit the market until the fall. 

In other words, a lot can change by the time the “For Sale” sign goes on your lawn. Regardless of when you list your home, you’ll want to ensure nothing is left to chance. The following tips will set the foundation for beautiful curb appeal in every season: 

Warm Seasons

  • In the summer, focus on creating a cooler environment. Umbrellas, pergolas, and gazebos can provide shade, while water features add a touch of luxury and elegance. Also, be sure to keep the garden and any outdoor planters watered and weeded regularly, and the grass and hedges maintained. 
  • Spring is all about colour and fragrance. Vibrant garden beds and lush greenery add both. Talk to your garden centre expert or our trusted landscape designer about what plants offer the most blooms with the least amount of maintenance. 

Cooler Seasons

Winter and fall can be more challenging, with shorter daylight hours and sometimes less than stellar weather. Still, with a little extra care, you can make your home warm and inviting even as the mercury drops. 

  • Consider evergreen trees and bushes to add greenery despite colder temperatures.
  • Invest in hardwired exterior lighting or exterior pot lights to offset those longer hours of darkness. 
  • Own the cold! With a little imagination and strategic use of colour, you can use the frosty weather to your decorating advantage! Fresh paint on the door, seasonal planters, and simple yet elegant décor can add a sense of beauty and serenity all winter long. You may even find special blooms and berries that grow during the cold season.

Selling a luxury is a little different than with other properties. The resources below will help your listing stand out:

Consider Your Property Type

One of the first steps in planning your outdoor decor is evaluating the lay of the land. If you have a large, expansive property with rolling lawns, you have more of a blank canvas to work with. You can beautify your yard with colourful gardens, rock displays, elegant water displays, cozy gazebos, and more. 

Updating the exterior on a large lot may be more expensive upfront, but can pay off substantially when selling your home. With so much territory to work with, you are only limited by your imagination. 

If your house has a smaller yard, decorating may take less time and be less expensive, but you will have to be selective about your options. Too many outdoor ornaments may make your space seem cluttered. Not enough means you may not be making as much of an impact as you could. It is all about striking the perfect balance.

Smaller condos can still have curb appeal! Space may be at a premium, but your balcony may allow you to create an outdoor oasis buyers will love. If you need more ideas to improve the exterior of your home, we are happy to recommend talented tradespeople and landscapers to help. 

Elevating your outside curb appeal is well worth the investment to do it right. Not only will it increase the perceived value to potential buyers, but it will increase your appreciation and enjoyment of your own home. 

Are you ready to take your design to the next level to maximize the value of your home? The Tanya Crepulja Team would be delighted to help. Contact us today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information or to get started.