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5 Top-Notch Schools in Mississauga

5 Top-Notch Schools in Mississauga

Mar 29, 2021 | Mississauga

Mississauga is home to many wonderful, family-friendly neighbourhoods. When you’re choosing the right one, there are many things to consider—from local homes to public green spaces to convenient amenities. Of course, one of the most important may be the quality of local schools. By taking a look at some of the best places for children to receive an education, you can make a more informed decision about the community that makes sense for you.

Here are five highly-reputable schools for families in Mississauga to consider…

1) Burnhamthorpe Public School

Situated in east Mississauga’s Applewood neighbourhood, Burnhamthorpe Public School is a highly regarded local institution that celebrates inclusiveness and diversity within its walls. Featuring a regional French Immersion Program, Burnhamthorpe PS has been serving the community since the mid-1960s when the community of Applewood first started to change from a rural area to a more established residential neighbourhood. The school encourages parents to get involved and collaborate with teachers to promote student success

Students at this top-notch learning institution also score well with the EQAO, which is icing on the cake if you’re thinking about moving your family to Applewood.

2) Vista Heights Public School

The suburbs aren’t for everyone. If your family is looking for more of a heritage town vibe, Streetsville may be your ideal option. One of its best features is Vista Heights Public School. This local learning environment is known for its helpful staff, who aim to foster creativity and critical thinking skills in every child.

Vista Heights boasts impressive EQAO scores, which means the vast majority of its students are at or above the provincial standard for reading, writing, and math.

3) Mineola Public School

There’s more than one fantastic school in Mineola, Mississauga. In this highly-sought-after community, you’ll find another great place for kids to get a quality education. Mineola Public School receives a 7.4 from the Fraser Institute, along with solid EQAO scores. As part of its mission, this beloved institution provides a comprehensive learning approach that focuses on kids’ intellectual, social, emotional, creative, and physical development.

Would you like your kids to learn a second language? Mineola Public School offers a fantastic French immersion program—and the vast majority of students take advantage of it.

4) Whiteoaks Public School

Lorne Park is highly sought-after for its stunning homes, majestic greenery, and (of course) the great local places where kids can get an education. One of the most beloved is Whiteoaks Public School, and not just because of the fantastic EQAO its students receive.

The focus at Whiteoaks is on lifelong learning. Accordingly, the school takes a holistic approach—one that’s interested in creating responsible future citizens. By fostering a love of community and technology, staff help ensure that students are well prepared for the years and decades ahead!

5) St. John of the Cross School

If you live in Meadowvale, you also have the option of providing your kids with a strong, faith-based education. St. John of the Cross is a Catholic school with an exemplary reputation. It receives an incredible 9.5 from the Fraser Institute, and very impressive EQAO scores.

This Mississauga elementary school is devoted to providing a nurturing environment that fosters spiritual—and academic—growth. Through its curriculum and fundraising efforts, St. John of the Cross also places great emphasis on values rooted in faith and social justice.

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