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GTA Relocation Guide

A Complete Guide to Relocating to Toronto and the West GTA

Sep 15, 2023 | Buyers

Are you feeling the call to adventure and to explore the unlimited potential for your life? The Greater Toronto Area just might be the answer you’re looking for. Clean, safe, and culturally diverse, this is one of the most desirable areas in Canada, where you’ll find endless possibilities for education and employment, not to mention a world of nature and activity! 

All of these things and more are why so many people are relocating to Toronto and other cities in the GTA. Few other places can offer such a high quality of living in terms of convenience, natural beauty, and access to fantastic culture, entertainment, and dining. In this post, we’ll look at the top GTA destinations and review some practical tips for a successful relocation.


Few things can compare with life in Toronto proper, which has made this city a premier choice for those relocating from within Canada and abroad. Toronto offers an enviable lifestyle, where you’ll find a truly world-class city with a thriving economy and nearly unlimited career opportunities. Toronto is innovative and constantly evolving and growing. With a fantastic talent pool and one of the largest technology sectors in North America, you may even consider launching a start-up company of your own. 

Opportunity and advancement might bring you to Toronto, but the excitement and joy of the vibrant communities will keep you here! You’ll find world-class entertainment venues where you can experience your favourite performers and stars, up close and personal. And if you’re looking for culture and a dynamic art scene, Toronto delivers the best of the best. 

The job market is outstanding, and Toronto’s education quality is nothing less than extraordinary. From preschool to postsecondary education, you and your family will have access to some of the most respected educational facilities available. For example, the University of Toronto is rated in the top two universities in all of North America! 

For school-aged children, Rosedale Public School, Ursula Franklin Academy, and Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School are among the best public options in the province. Toronto also provides access to exemplary private alternatives, such as Upper Canada College, Branksome Hall, St. Michael’s College School, and Fieldstone School.

This is the place to see and experience it all while creating a lifetime of memories, where culture, opportunity, and the excitement of bustling activity all come together in a perfect balance. It is hard to find a better place to set down roots! 

Want to learn more about the exciting and diverse communities within Toronto? You’ll find all of our neighbourhood guides right here.


On the western border of Toronto, you’ll discover Mississauga, the second-largest city in the GTA. Not to be outdone, Mississauga also boasts one of the nation’s hottest job markets as the home to Canadian headquarters of many large companies, including Microsoft, Abbott Laboratories, Hewlett Packard, FedEx, WalMart and more.

Anyone relocating for work will enjoy the high quality of life that Mississauga offers, a robust entertainment and arts scene, and some of the most incredible dining in the province. When it comes to education, Mississauga is one of the best places to be for students in elementary school right through to college and university. The University of Toronto and Sheridan College have campuses here, and Square One Shopping Centre, the largest mall in Ontario, is also the site of the new satellite campus for Mohawk College. 

Unlike Toronto, which is subject to two Land Transfer Taxes (municipal and provincial) which is double that of Mississauga or elsewhere outside of Toronto as they are subject only to the provincial land transfer tax, making real estate more affordable.  Every dollar goes further and allows for a high standard of living with no sacrifice in convenience. With access to major highways and a robust public transit system that connects to the TTC, commuting into the city is relatively fast and convenient. For those who want the benefits of Toronto life without paying Toronto prices, Mississauga is a highly attractive destination.

This is also a premium choice for outdoor lovers, with three conservation areas, Meadowvale Conservation Area, Credit Valley, and Rattray Marsh, that allow you to escape to nature at a moment’s notice. The hiking and cycling trails are beautiful any time of year, particularly in the fall when the colours begin to change. If you visit Mississauga, be sure to put Port Credit Lighthouse, Celebration Square, and Jack Darling Beach on your list of must-visit landmarks.

A culturally diverse city like Mississauga means everyone in your family enjoys plenty of chances to expand their horizons. The Art Gallery of Mississauga is just one way to spend an educational and exciting afternoon. It offers a curated collection of contemporary pieces from regional, national and international artists in addition to hosting several fascinating exhibitions and workshops throughout the year. 

Want to know more about Mississauga? Review all of our neighbourhood guides right here.


Our journey west continues with the stunning Town of Oakville. Smaller than Mississauga, Oakville is one of the most affluent areas to live in the GTA, with some of the highest real estate values and most breathtaking homes in the province. Those searching for a peaceful, small-town feel in one of Canada’s safest cities will be proud to call Oakville home.

The charming streets of downtown and the Lakeshore provide a shopping and dining experience that is thoroughly unique, where you can peruse and browse at your leisure without large crowds to contend with.

Oakville is highly desirable for families thanks to its safe, scenic streets and excellent schools. The majority of municipally funded schools rank high, with superb private options in Oakville.

Joshua Creek Public School, Forest Trail Public School, E.J James Public School, and St. Luke Catholic Elementary School are some of the highest-rated options you’ll find anywhere in the GTA.

With Oakville’s incredible education system, you simply cannot go wrong when it comes to giving your child a head start in life. Those who prefer a private option have access to excellent schools such as Appleby College and St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School along with many more. In fact, Oakville has the most private schools in the GTA per capita.

What is there to do for fun and leisure in the lovely Town of Oakville? It may be smaller in size than Toronto and Mississauga, but it is big on fun. Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a massive draw for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors, featuring a series of scenic hiking and biking trails, cross-country skiing, and even a play barn for youngsters to enjoy. Bronte Village offers some of the best dining and shopping experiences this side of the GTA. Of course, if all else fails, you can never go wrong strolling along the fabulous waterfront. 

With ready access to the QEW and several GO stations, commuting in and out of the city is easy. Oakville isn’t just beautiful, safe, and full of historic charm and character; it is also highly convenient.

Curious about Oakville? Read all of our neighbourhood guides right here.


Community is the name of the game in Burlington, which has been rated by multiple publications as one of the top places in Canada to live and raise a family. With the Niagara Escarpment on one side of the city and the shores of Lake Ontario on the other, it’s hard to beat the abundance of natural beauty that awaits you in nearly every neighbourhood.

With Toronto minutes away to the east and Hamilton to the west, you can experience the best of all possible worlds in Burlington. Whether you’re seeking a thriving nightlife, a diverse and delectable dining scene, upscale shopping opportunities, endless outdoor recreation, or all of the above, you will find it here and more.  In many ways, Burlington is an extension of Oakville, with the same benefits and amenities, with real estate at a more affordable price point.

Like Oakville, Burlington is extremely family-friendly, with access to excellent education at all levels, from preschool to postsecondary. McMaster University and Mohawk College both have campuses within city limits, making furthering your career goals and pursuing higher education easy and convenient.

The downtown core of Burlington is irresistible, with a beautiful waterfront pier, boardwalk, numerous parks and unique shops and independent restaurants. Popular local attractions include the Art Gallery of Burlington, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and, of course, Spencer Smith Park along the waterfront. Summer or winter, rain or shine, you will never run out of adventures for your whole family to cherish.

Want more details about the City of Burlington? You’ll find our collection of neighbourhood guides right here.

Creating a Successful Relocation Plan

Deciding where you want to go when relocating is half the battle. From there, you can begin to iron out the details. Many aspects of your relocation may seem hazy at first, but they will come into clearer focus as you go. The first step is to create a logical plan that is straightforward and flexible. For example:

  • Think of everything you want your new house and new neighbourhood to have. 
  • Now determine which of these are must-haves, and what you’re willing to be flexible about. 
  • Is living close to work a consideration, or do you prefer lifestyle with more land, a larger home and a further commute?
  • Are good schools and being near amenities important?
  • Is the search price point or lifestyle driven?
  • Are there family or friends that you would like to be nearby?

When you start to think about what you want and what you don’t, your vision will become clearer. You’ll also understand how much of a budget you will need and approximately how long it will take. If you’re selling your existing home first, maximizing the results of your sale will open up your options when relocating to the GTA. 

Our experienced real estate team will support you throughout all aspects of your transaction, from setting a competitive price point and preparing your home to negotiating with potential buyers. 

If you want to get the most value possible when selling your home, check out these resources below:

What You Need to Know About Buying Remotely 

Depending on where you are located, it may not be possible to visit available homes in person. Luckily, new technology makes it easier to evaluate with 3D floor plans and Matterport Tours. Most importantly, a concierge real estate service like the Tanya Crepulja Team can ensure you find the right home for your needs.

We can open doors that may not have been available, especially in a high-demand market. We will provide you with valuable insight and honest advice that is always in your best interests, work hard to determine what type of home will suit you best, and then work with our network to uncover potential homes and unadvertised listings while negotiating from afar.

Buying a house is a celebrated milestone, but it can also be a challenging decision to make. The posts below will help you enjoy a successful purchase:

Valuable Checklists to Guide Your Journey

Relocating from one city to another can be a daunting process. However, your transition becomes more manageable and less overwhelming with a step-by-step approach. There may be a lot to do, but not everything needs to be done today.

The following checklist will help you stay on track and ensure you don’t miss any critical steps.

Selling Checklist

  • Contact an experienced Realtor® such as the Tanya Crepulja Team ahead of time so we can begin creating a comprehensive plan to earn the best results from your sale.
  • Decide whether you will sell or buy first. Much of this will depend on your situation and the current market, but we will consider all factors to determine the best path for you at the time.
  • Clean and declutter your home thoroughly.
  • We will perform a detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to determine an effective listing price.
  • Make a list of repairs or updates that will increase the value of your home, such as painting, minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades, as well as new hardware and lighting fixtures.
  • Work with reputable contractors to perform these selected upgrades. As a well-established real estate team, we can provide you with referrals.
  • Consider staging your home for maximum effect. 
  • Create a daily cleaning schedule to keep your home ready for potential buyers.
  • Plan to be out of your house while the real estate agent conducts showings.
  • After accepting an offer, work with a real estate lawyer to ensure a seamless close.
  • Keep your home in the same condition as when the buyer made the purchase.

Buying Checklist

  • Choose a local GTA Realtor® like us who knows the area you are buying in.
  • Obtain a mortgage pre-approval from a trusted mortgage professional. This will save you valuable time when placing offers and gives you a competitive advantage when negotiating with sellers.
  • Make a list of your desired features and begin curating listings. You can begin by searching the MLS® and Realtor.ca. 
  • Determine your maximum budget before searching for homes. This will help you stay grounded and avoid overpaying during emotional bidding wars.
  • Set aside your down payment and deposit so you will be in a position to act quickly.
  • We can arrange for you to view homes through Zoom or Facetime if you can’t visit in person.
  • Decide whether you will place a conditional or unconditional offer.
  • Once a seller accepts your offer, be ready to place a deposit of 5% of the purchase price within 24 hours.
  • Retain a lawyer to conduct a title search and to search for any liens or other encumbrances.
  • Finalize your mortgage with your lender as your transaction closes. 

Moving Checklist

  • Begin packing and sorting your belongings early so you don’t get overwhelmed early.
  • Start searching for out-of-province movers to transport your belongings.
  • Calculate your moving costs, factoring gas, overnight accommodation, and other incidentals that will arise.
  • Make arrangements for utility hookups early.
  • Update your address for all correspondence.
  • Register for health care within three months of your arrival in Ontario.
  • Update your driver’s license and insurance within 60 days of relocating.

As you begin the step-by-step process of relocating, you may feel a range of emotions, from wistfulness about leaving your old life behind to excitement and anticipation for the future that lies before you. At every point, however, remember that you are never alone. Our team is always a phone call or text away to help with anything you need throughout your journey.

Are you ready to begin the exciting process of relocating to the GTA? Our full-service team is happy to guide and support you every step of the way. Reach out to the Tanya Crepulja Team at 647-293-3785 or tanya@tcteam.ca for a complimentary Buyer consultation.


100 Chesswood Trail, Hamilton

What Do Luxury Home Buyers Look For In A Home?

Aug 15, 2023 | Buyers

Successful people often spend a lifetime working hard to achieve their goals. Few things in life offer the level of satisfaction of watching them become a reality, and buying an upscale home is among the most celebrated milestones anyone can ever experience. New surroundings offer every comfort and convenience while providing the perfect place for relatives and friends to gather to laugh and celebrate together.

What does the process of buying premium real estate look like? In this post, we’ll talk about the who, what, why, where, and how of finding just the right house.

Choosing Quality Over Trends

Many people believe that bigger is always better when it comes to luxury homes. They may flip through magazines showcasing the houses of the rich and famous and dream of living in a spacious mansion with every opulence and decadence imaginable. However, serious buyers usually have different priorities.

Everyone has a different idea of what “luxury” means, but for a discerning buyer, it almost certainly entails more than a home being massive and flashy. Instead, they’re searching for unique architectural style, quality of workmanship and high end materials, upscale features and finishes not commonly found, beautiful surroundings, and a place where they can truly feel comfortable in their own opulent space. 

For some buyers, their dream home may very well be lavish and majestic. Or it may mean something with undeniable character and a quality of artistry expected in a finely-built home. Individual goals may vary, but in most cases, substance will matter more than trendiness. With this picture in mind, we can begin to narrow down the options.

Part of the luxe experience is about decorating your home to match your personality and style. The resources below will give you some inspiration:

Determining the “What”

Accomplished individuals understand the importance of setting goals and planning for success. Buying a luxury home is no different! Our first step is to create a vision that brings the finer details into focus. As with many goals, the clearer the vision, the more likely it will happen. 

Starting with a buyer’s passions can be a fantastic first step. For example, if someone loves to cook, a fabulous gourmet-sized kitchen with custom millwork, marble counters, and high end integrated appliances may be something to add to their “must-have” list! Upscale finishes and details should transcend from room to room to encompass the entire property with a cohesive and luxurious feel throughout, whether modern, transitional or European in style.

Exterior living spaces are often high on the priority list for luxury buyers where they can carve out their own outdoor paradise. Nature lovers may love a home that backs onto a ravine or overlooks a golf course, or at least has an expansive lawn with space for a customed-designed swimming pool, spa, or other luxurious feature. Abundant outdoor living spaces means there is always an elevated place, indoor or out, to rest, unwind, or enjoy a few hours laughing and entertaining friends.  

Many discerning buyers also have privacy in mind when searching for a home that’s just right. Custom-designed fences or manicured landscaping can provide beautiful and absolute solitude whenever they feel the need to get away from it all. Coming home to the latest and greatest in home automation and unique features like indoor spas, simulated golf courses, and indoor/outdoor lounging areas feels like having their own private oasis. 

Understanding the “Why”

For each feature that feels like a “must-have,” there will be a reason for it. That reason will help buyers gain clarity and get to the heart of what they really want. It can also help them stay flexible and open-minded when exploring the possibilities.

For example, imagine someone searching for a bigger home. Why? Perhaps they need more space so everyone can get ready in the morning without trampling each other. Now we know that extra bathrooms or square footage might be a priority.

What about a buyer looking for a lifestyle that is carefree and convenient? In that case, a modern, upscale condo in a building with a concierge and 24/7 service might check off all the boxes.

Knowing “When” to Act

The housing market can be competitive depending on the market conditions at the time, especially in the GTA. The demand is slightly less intense for high-end homes since fewer people are searching for them. However, there may be fewer homes that check off all the boxes depending on the search location, therefore we may need to be patient for the right home to become available.

If time is of the essence, a detailed plan is essential, and industry connections can be invaluable. A real estate agent with a network of agents who are also trading at a high level can provide priority access to listings that may not be on the open market.

What happens if a discerning buyer cannot find a home that fits their specific architectural style and tastes? Once again, there is no need to settle for anything less than the best. Many older and smaller homes are constructed on lots wide and deep enough to tear down and rebuild their dream home, providing the opportunity to choose all design details and interior finishes they could ever hope for. These mature areas often come with built-in landscaping, with abundant trees and foliage that are hard to find in new developments. 

What about those who are searching early and have plenty of time to find just the right home or are seeking a lifestyle change to a more urban location? A builder pre-construction community may be a good fit for those that may prefer a more cost effective means of a new build over a fully custom home. 

The GTA has plenty in development, including a selection of upscale condos, executive townhouses as well as some beautifully designed luxury single-family homes.  The more time there is to spare, the more discerning buyers can be with their search. 

Research the “Where”

Location matters in real estate, especially when searching for an upscale home. With a healthy budget, a homeowner can renovate and mould an unsuitable house to their needs.

But all the money in the world cannot fix an undesirable location. Before buying, it’s important to think about the lifestyle and access to amenities a potential property offers. Consider the following:

  • If a quiet life surrounded by rolling lawns and greenery is appealing, an estate in the luxurious Oakville neighbourhood of Morrison could be ideal.
  • Buyers who prefer life in the fast lane might find themselves perfectly at home in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville neighbourhood or the lush greenery of Rosedale.
  • For those who would love a home somewhere in between the bustle of Toronto and the more laid-back town of Oakville could find a match in Mineola or Lorne Park in Mississauga, both of which offer luxurious homes amid all of the conveniences of the city.

When buying a high-end home, location reigns supreme. Here are some fantastic options to explore:

Contact a Realtor® Well in Advance

It isn’t necessary to wait for in-person visits to select a real estate agent. A local expert brings vast expertise to the table right from the early stages of planning. Our knowledge and many industry connections save valuable time while negotiating the best possible terms of the purchase.  

As an added bonus, we have the latest details on new, exclusive, or otherwise hard-to-find listings. In a tight market, the right agent can mean the difference between finding an “okay home”, no home at all, or “the home”, the one that feels custom-built just for you!

Tanya Crepulja is a top agent at Keller Williams Luxury, the boutique division of the largest real estate company in the world. Learn more about our affiliation with Keller Williams and why we are the go-to choice for luxury buyers in Toronto and the West GTA. 

Are you ready to begin the search for a luxury home in Toronto or the west GTA? Get in touch at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information and to begin your luxury home buying journey.

Our Favourite Oakville Boutiques

Our Favourite Locally Owned Boutique Shops in Oakville

Aug 3, 2023 | Oakville

With its vibrant downtown core and family-friendly neighbourhoods, it’s easy to see why Oakville is one of the most highly sought-after cities in the province. There is always something to do, whether you want ice cream by the lake or to lose yourself in a natural paradise for a day.

One of the best things about Oakville is the incredible shopping, with interesting and unique shops on Lakeshore and nestled within downtown. Where can you go if you want to support local businesses? Here are a few of our top independent stores in Oakville.

Dove +Arrow 

Are you looking to take your home decor to the next level? Dove + Arrow is the winner of the Best Local Shopping Talk of the Town Award and is located in Kerr Village. Inside, you’ll find unique home decor items that are sure to become conversation pieces for years. Plus, they offer furniture, art, high-quality paint, and everything else you need for your ultimate do-it-yourself project. If you need some inspiration, you can check out one of the various workshops they host throughout the year. 

Since opening its doors in January 2017, Dove + Arrow has been the go-to place to create something amazing for your home! With a little imagination and help from one of their friendly consultants, the sky’s the limit for your space.

Lakeside Livin’

According to Lakeside Livin’, life is just better at the lake. It’s a philosophy that is hard to disagree with, especially when you step through the doors to browse an almost infinite selection of amazing lake and cottage-related gifts. Located in the heart of Bronte Village, this quaint shop offers a variety of home decor items, kitchen and bath items, candles, jewellery, clocks, signs, and more. There is something for everyone, including a wide selection of cozy and colourful socks, the perfect gift for any occasion!

As fantastic as it is, there’s more to Oakville than great shopping! If you’re curious to know more, read The Joy Of Oakville Living for Families.

MUST Boutique 

European fashion meets your individual tastes and style at MUST Boutique, an upscale women’s clothing store in downtown Oakville. With new shipments each week, you can be sure your wardrobe is up-to-date and thoroughly unique to you. 

The styles are trendy yet classic, which means any piece you buy today will be just as fashionable years from now. A comfortable and warm environment makes this a welcoming place to choose your wardrobe and share your passion for all things stylish. 

Tocca Finata

As your one-stop shop for that fashionable item that no one else will have, Tocca Finata offers unparalleled customer service and style advice. Founder Anna Rea understands that high-level fashion is about much more than the latest fads and trends and seeks to help women of all ages unleash their natural sense of style and confidence. 

From classy, professional attire and flowing dresses to form-fitted jeans and one-of-a-kind tops, every trip to this shop will lead you to something new and unforgettable that you will never find anywhere else.

Oakville is well known for its luxurious neighbourhoods and elevated lifestyle. And speaking of luxury, here’s how you can add a touch of it to your home right now:

Carefree Hobbies

Do you have a passion for model trains, cars, and all things miniature? Carefree Hobbies is the place to be, a locally owned arts & crafts store that specializes in military-inspired models and figurines. It’s the perfect place to find diecast cars, trains and accessories, billing boats, and militaria from the 18th century to now. Carefree Hobbies features a massive inventory with new items arriving every month. The crafting and hobby lover in you will spend many hours perusing the shelves!

Jubilee Market

Does anything sound better than a wide array of high-quality fresh produce and aromatic homemade foods? If your answer is “no,” then head on over to Jubilee Market at 104 Allan Street. This family-run market has served Oakville residents since 1978. 

The shelves are stocked with high-quality fruits, vegetables, and pantry staples. And be sure to shop while hungry because the kitchen menu includes mouth-watering favourites like shepherd’s pie, beef stroganoff, chicken marsala, and much more.

Bluboho Oakville

Back in 2010, two ambitious and free-spirited women had a vision to create meaningful jewellery that was both refined and sustainable. The result was Bluboho Oakville, named after the sea and sky and endless possibilities. 

Though specializing in handmade sapphire engagement rings and diamond wedding bands, they also offer a vast selection of other items, and each piece tells a story! With bracelets, earrings, engravables, birthstone charms and everyday essentials, you will always be able to find a perfect gift for the ones you love. If you can’t get enough of the “bling,” then Bluboho Oakville deserves a spot on your must-visit list! 


After six generations, Barrington’s is still owned by the same family. Its Oakville store first opened in 1951 and has been providing top-quality outerwear ever since. Owners Paul and Brenda Barrington travel the world in search of the finest fashions, from Montreal and New York to Paris and Milan. 

Step through the doors to discover a luxurious selection of high-end coats, scarves, knitwear and handbags. Top-of-the-line labels include Cinzia Rocca, Louis Feraud, Zuki, Lundstrom, Michael Kors, Dominic Bellissimo and more! Once inside, you will quickly see for yourself why this family-run boutique has become one of Oakville’s most beloved landmark destinations.

The Kind Matter Company

Is an elevated lifestyle with little to no waste possible? The Kind Matter Company is determined to make it so. Founded by Laura Newton, an environmentally conscious entrepreneur, this online and in-store boutique offers sustainable living with style. 

Here, you’ll find top-quality kitchen products, home decor items, bath and body products, and children’s supplies – all ethically made and without the wasteful plastic wrapping. Your body will love you, and so will the planet!  

Are you thinking about buying a new home in the next year? Here are some posts you may find helpful:

The Sweetest Thing

You may not be able to cure a sweet tooth, but you can certainly indulge it over at The Sweetest Thing. Inside, you’ll be greeted by the irresistible aroma of freshly baked cookies, custom cakes, and other delicious treats. Everything is lovingly made on-site and from scratch. 

Their one-of-a-kind custom desserts are just the thing you need for your next big occasion, be it a wedding, birthday party, graduation celebration, or any day of the week ending in a “y,” for that matter! And did we mention that they have some of the best soft-serve ice cream in the city? This is one boutique shop you will want to visit many times over.

If you have a passion for shopping local, then you are sure to love everything about Oakville. Wherever you go, a satisfying retail therapy experience awaits you. This unique shopping scene is just one of the many things that make Oakville a top destination within the GTA. 

Are you thinking about making Oakville your next home? We can help you find just the right house in the right Oakville neighbourhood. Get in touch today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information or to start your search.

5 Up-and-Coming Neighbourhoods for Investment in Toronto

Ten Up-and-Coming Neighbourhoods for Investment in Toronto

Jul 26, 2023 | Investors

Are you thinking of investing in Toronto real estate? If so, there are certain things you should look for when you’re assessing a potential property. One of the most crucial is the neighbourhood where it’s situated. From proximity to in-demand communities to plans for future development to an influx of young residents, there are certain things that make an area ideal for investment.

If you’re looking to invest in Toronto real estate, here are ten neighbourhoods to consider…

Lower Junction

The Junction has been one of the city’s “it” neighbourhoods for years. Now the area around the intersection of Sterling and Perth (often referred to as the Lower Junction) is about to gain the same status.

Since the opening of MOCA—and the exciting new development known as Lower JCT—this former industrial district has really come alive. With hot local businesses like Henderson Brewing, Drake Commissary, and House of Anasi Press in the community, home prices are bound to rise in the years ahead.

If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor, consider one of the area’s most exciting new developments: House of Assembly. Here you’ll find open-concept suites with oversized windows and stunning views. Located on Sterling Road, you’ll be in the heart of one of the city’s most vibrant new neighbourhoods.

Other notable projects in pre-construction include Westbend Residences by Mattamy Homes, The Sterling Automotive by Lamb Development Corp., and 41 Wabash, a boutique luxury project by Vandyk Properties which is directed more at end users than investors.

Though the Junction is particularly attractive for families, more and more single professionals are moving to the neighbourhood so they can be close to the action. Schools in the area include Annette Street Public School, Indian Road Crescent Public School, and Lucy McCormick Public School. For anyone interested in high quality education, it’s hard to find a better place to live or invest.

Related: Read our Junction Neighbourhood Guide

Bloordale Village

If Bloordale Village doesn’t sound familiar, you’re in good company. This small community along Bloor Street from Dufferin Street to Lansdowne Avenue has been one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets for years. However, investors are starting to take note of the incredible opportunities that lie within! Here’s an interesting fact: the Bloordale Village Business Improvement Area is one of the first ever in Toronto. This just goes to show you how forward-thinking and innovative this little community can be. 

The neighbourhood offers a lively feel that is peaceful and low-key at the same time, making it a desirable area for families, young professionals, and newcomers to Canada. With trendy restaurants, great shopping, a hopping nightlife, and an art scene that is the envy of the city, Bloordale Village is a place to watch out for! 

You’ll also find superb access to transit, with subway lines and Union Station nearby. And travel bugs love the convenience of the UP Express which takes you directly to Pearson Airport or Union Station, allowing neighbourhood residents to say goodbye to stressful traffic and long wait times!

Access to high-quality schools means young families will always be drawn to the area. Local schools include Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School, St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School, Dovercourt Public School, Brock Public School, and West End Alternative School.

Many people looking to relocate to this neighbourhood will be ready to buy a home. However, the demand for rentals in Toronto has never been higher and is growing throughout nearly every area in the city. Since this vibrant community is beginning to garner much attention, it is a prime spot for investment. Several resale homes may be available, but new projects are also in the works that could be the perfect opportunity for investors to expand their portfolios. 

One of the most significant developments is Bloor-Dufferin by Capital Developments. This highly anticipated mixed-use community will offer TTC access and badly needed affordable housing with both condominium and apartment buildings on the way. Two other projects to note are Motto Condos by Sierra Communities and Galleria III Condos by Almadev.

Want to know more about the incredible city of Toronto and why it has so much appeal for residents and investors? The articles below are a great place to start:

Regent Park

Regent Park once suffered from a less-than-glowing reputation, but that’s changed. A mixed-income revitalization model has brought new life to this East Toronto neighbourhood.

Today, residents (including a growing group of families and young professionals) enjoy plenty of local retail, unique restaurants, a six-acre park, and a state-of-the-art community centre featuring an impressive pool. Regent Park has developed slowly but surely for over a decade, and it’s still evolving. In other words, purchasing property here is a safe bet from an investment perspective.

If you’re looking for a new development to invest in, you have plenty of options. Here are just a few exciting projects that are set to breathe new life into Regent Park over the next few years:

East Danforth/Danforth Village

At Danforth Village (also called East Danforth), you’ll find one of the most famous and dynamic shopping districts in all of Toronto! Of course, great shopping goes hand in hand with a superb dining scene. And without fail, you’ll find countless fabulous restaurants throughout the neighbourhood offering every cuisine anyone could dream of. It’s also home to one of Toronto’s most beloved festivals, a Taste of the Danforth.

This former farming territory was originally owned by the Church of England before being annexed into the City of Toronto in 1908. The neighbourhood runs from Greektown to the Scarborough boundary at Victoria Park Avenue.

Danforth Village is a fast-growing community for a good reason. It offers a very high standard of living that is still relatively affordable, a combination almost impossible to find anywhere else in Toronto. This is great news for anyone looking to buy a new home for their family and for investors to add to their portfolio without breaking the bank.

With downtown Toronto minutes away and convenient access to the Bloor-Danforth subway line, Go station, and streetcars means getting around is easy, which adds even more to the appeal to the neighbourhood. All the more reason to get out and explore the amazing amenities and recreational opportunities that exist all around!

Speaking of amenities, Monarch Park is a massive attraction in the area, a recreational centre with an ice rink and an outdoor swimming pool. As a highly walkable neighbourhood full of scenery and convenience, Danforth Village is both fun and family-friendly!

Many private schools in the area focus on tech, designed to give young people a great start on life, including Danforth Collegiate And Technical Institute, CanSTEM Education Private School. Plenty of public options are also available, including George Webster Public School, Secord Elementary School, Gledhill Public School, William J McCordic School, Earl Beatty Junior and Senior Public School.

The real estate market offers modest homes, condos & townhouses that are popular with families and first-time buyers. New condos in development also present fantastic opportunities for anyone looking to invest. Here are a few to watch out for: 


If you’re looking for an investment unit, it doesn’t get better than Mimico. From its incredible lakefront views to its charming local businesses to its gleaming modern condo buildings, this Etobicoke gem truly has it all.

Another major benefit of living here is the access to GO Transit. Buyers are catching onto the fact that they can get from Mimico to the city’s core in 20 minutes flat—and units are moving fast. While prices are rising with demand, you can still purchase living space here for significantly less than you would in Downtown Toronto.

When searching for a place to invest, it’s hard to go wrong by buying near a school as many parents with young children will happily pay more for access to education. And Mimico truly has it all, with John English Junior Middle School and Mimico High School as two public options right in the neighbourhood. There are also several private schools nearby, including The Mildenhall School and Phoenix Montessori School.

One of the hottest developments planned for the area is Grand Central Mimico. This project is now sold out. The building offers an irresistible combination of classic design and modern amenities, along with easy access to transit. At an impressive 1.85 million square feet, this master-planned community is sure to be the area’s next big thing!

Other upcoming projects to consider are 327 Royal York Condos by Vandyk Properties, Grand Park Village by Minto Communities and 351 Royal York Condos by UrbinCo, all strategically located next to Mimico GO Station.

Yonge-St. Clair

In the heart of midtown sits Yonge-St. Clair, one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets. The area boasts all the conveniences of a dense, urban area, along with proximity to one of the city’s most beautiful ravines.

Yonge-St. Clair has also undergone significant revitalization in recent years, including beautification efforts. Large murals have been created, adding some colour to the neighbourhood. Buzz-worthy new developments like One Delisle are now under construction, along with The Clair Residences in pre-construction with a sales launch to be announced. With future growth on the horizon, this midtown community is a great place to consider investing.

Access to great schools makes Yonge-St. Clair particularly attractive to both families and investors! The long list of options includes Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Cottingham Junior Public School, Brown Junior Public School, North Toronto Collegiate Institute, and Jesse Ketchum Jr and Sr Public School.


An established, quiet neighbourhood that is also one of the most affordable in Toronto, Runnymede lies within the proximity to affluent areas like Baby Point, High Park, and Bloor West Village. Fortunately, affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of living for those lucky enough to call Runnymede home.

A quick jaunt over to Jane, Annette, or Dundas Street provides a wide array of shopping opportunities, from discount stores and antique shops to grocery stores and independent markets. The food scene alone is worth a visit, with numerous restaurants, bars, and fast food outlets scattered throughout. 

Dundas Street West commercial corridor lies to the north of this peaceful residential community, providing employment opportunities & an economic boost. Etienne and Home Smith parks offer an escape from the hectic day-to-day life and activities like hiking, cycling and rollerblading, or even fishing by the side of the Humber River. It’s easy to see why this neighbourhood is quickly becoming more desirable with newcomers and Toronto residents alike.

Neighbourhood schools such as Humbercrest Public School, Runnymede Jr & Sr Public School, Humberside Collegiate Institute, and Runnymede Collegiate Institute provide a top-quality education for students of all ages.

For investors, Runnymede offers fantastic opportunities with both resale properties and pre-construction. Here are two up-and-coming developments in the works:

Oakwood Vaughan

Oakwood Vaughan is another one of those neighbourhood that hasn’t always had the best reputation. More recently, young creatives have begun migrating here due to the (relatively) affordable rents—a potential sign that an area will soon be in high demand.

Residents of this York District community enjoy local schools and green spaces, along with Italian restaurants, bakeries, and shops. They’re also conveniently close to Dufferin, Eglington, and St. Clair.

Here you’ll find a variety of housing, from modern new builds to small, moderately-priced single-family homes. They present a great opportunity for aspiring home buyers and investors alike. Two notable projects coming to the area are Oakwood Living by UrbinCo and 908 St Clair by Canderel Residential.

Real estate investing can be a great way to grow your wealth, but there are a few things you should know first. The posts below will help bring you up to speed:

Birch Cliff

Once one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets, the stunning Birch Cliff neighbourhood lies close to the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario. The community got its name when a cottage owner John Stark started calling his property “Birch Cliff” because of the birch trees growing all around the area. Local residents must have liked it because the name has stuck ever since!

The bluffs and the water provide breathtaking scenic beauty, and Kingston Road delivers the excitement and the convenience, where you’ll find a slew of amenities, including upscale restaurants, clothing stores, and cafes. It’s also the site of an annual community parade that takes place in May. You couldn’t ask for a better combination of peacefulness and suburban flair than what you find in Birch Cliff.  

Existing homes in the neighbourhood were constructed from the 1910s to the 1950s and range from bungalows and storey-and-a-half detached houses to stunning heritage homes in Tudor, Edwardian and Cape Cod styles.

Amenities include Birchmount Community Centre and Taylor Memorial Branch Toronto Public Library, which both provide recreational programming for adults, teenagers, and small children. You’ll also find interesting landmarks and monuments around the neighbourhood. For example, the R.C. Harris Filtration Plant is the largest water filtration facility in Toronto, providing 30% of the city supply and an acclaimed historic building that has been used in dozens of films and television series.

Birch Cliff is actually two communities in one: Fallingbrook, which is more upscale with many homes backing onto the ravine and Birch Cliff Heights, the more accessible area. Several public schools provide excellent access to education, including Cliffside Public School, John A Leslie Public School, JR H King Academy, and Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute.

As an investor, keep an eye out for the upcoming Birchcliff Urban Towns project. When completed, this development will boast 52 modern suites in the heart of the action amid the shops, restaurants, beach, park and marina. This upcoming development represents a rare opportunity to buy into a highly desirable and growing neighbourhood. Two other projects coming to the area are Residences at Bluffers Park by Skate Developments and Cliffside Condos by LCH Developments.

West Don Lands

Welcome to the future! A new master-planned community is coming near the waterfront, and house hunters and investors alike are on high alert. Bordered by the Don River to Parliament Street and King Street to the rail corridor, West Don Lands will feature about 6,000 new residential units. 20% of these will add to the supply of affordable housing in the city. With all east/west streets leading to Don River Park, the new development will offer the best in both scenic beauty and city convenience. It is within easy walking distance to St. Lawrence Market and minutes to downtown by car. And with the new Cherry Street streetcar line, every resident will be within a five-minute walk from transit. 

The innovative streets will be a wonder to behold, with Woonerfs designed to capture the attention of all passersby. Other highlights of the area? Parks, parks, and then some more parks, each more stunning and exciting than the last. The largest is Corktown Common which provides 18 acres of natural parklands with a playground and water features children will want to revisit time and time again. There are also great places to stop and have a picnic and a dog park so your favourite furry companion can join your explorations. The proximity to downtown, revitalized waterfront, and transit accessibility means West Don Lands is poised to become one of the most desired areas in all of Toronto!

With housing options consisting primarily of modern condos and elegant townhouses, West Don Lands is a must-watch neighbourhood for all investment-minded people.

Whether you’re interested in one of the pre-construction properties mentioned above, or you’re simply looking for expert real estate investment advice, we’re here for you! Get in touch to learn more about investing in Toronto and beyond.

Top Staycation Ideas for Your Family this Summer

Jun 27, 2023 | Lifestyle

Home is where the heart is, and nowhere is that more true than when living life to the fullest in the GTA. Still, sometimes nothing compares to the sense of renewal that comes with exploring new places, with unfamiliar experiences and exciting new adventures. Being away for a week or two can also help you fall in love with your home all over again. 

You don’t have to look far when seeking to create unique memories with your family this summer, or any summer for that matter. Living near Toronto means something new and exciting is around the corner every day of the week, either right in your own neighbourhood or within a day’s drive.  

Glamp or Camp

Packing up for a weekend camping trip can be one of the fondest and most memorable family vacations you’ll ever experience. This is one way to stay close to home while feeling the sand under your feet and relaxing to the sounds of nature. Of course, if your idea of camping more closely resembles a stay at a five-star resort, then “glamping” might be more your style. Spacious safari tents, geodesic domes, or wilderness pods are a luxurious alternative to roughing it. Glamping means immersing yourself in nature in all of its rustic glory without the hassle of setting up tents and sleeping on the ground. Instead, you’ll relax and unwind with creature comforts that include comfortable beds, warm blankets, private decks, hot coffee and other little luxuries. Here are a few places just outside the GTA that are close enough for a weekend or even just a day trip. 

Do you want to know more about living in or investing in Toronto? The posts below will open you up to endless possibilities:

A Day or Weekend in Niagara Falls

Do you want your child’s face to light up with sheer joy? Just announce that you are taking a trip to Niagara Falls, and the excitement will begin. At one of Canada’s favourite tourist destinations, you’ll find a non-stop list of fun things to do and experience. From the endless attractions of Clifton Hill and the Butterfly Conservatory to soaring over the Niagara Gorge in the Whirlpool Aero Car, there is something for everyone of all ages. If you’re looking for something more low-key, there are many beautiful spots for a relaxing picnic lunch. Before you know it, the day is over, and everyone has a fond new memory and story to tell!

Niagara Falls is also the perfect overnight destination for your little ones. If you book early, you might even score a room with a breathtaking view of the Falls! In addition, many hotels offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools where children can float and splash until their hearts’ content.

The Scenic Beauty of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake may be more well-known for its vineyards and wineries, but it is also an incredible location for a memorable day with your family. The quaint streets are landscaped beautifully for the summertime, and numerous heritage buildings are a fantastic way to entertain children while giving them a glimpse into history. 

As you stroll down the scenic streets, why not stop for ice cream or visit one of the many unique boutiques and shops? You might even get a chance to take in a summer concert at the Jackson Triggs Amphitheatre, an intimate 500-person venue that showcases some of Canada’s top talent. Whether you plan your trip to a T or make a spontaneous decision, a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake is always a day well spent.

For a more luxurious touch, consider booking an overnight stay at a nearby inn, such as the Pillar and Post, or a bed and breakfast like Greenview Manor, where you can wake up and relive the fun all over again. Reservations are recommended, especially during the busy season.  

Visit Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County lies approximately two hours east of Toronto. With its clusters of small hamlets and villages, it’s a picturesque destination that features a variety of famous attractions, including music festivals, water activities, and outstanding restaurants. 

During the hot summer days, Prince Edward County also draws many visitors to Sandbanks Provincial Park, where you’ll discover fascinating dune formations and some of the best beaches in Canada. Cottage rentals are available for extended stays. And once you visit, this outdoor paradise just might become one of your annual destinations!

A Trip Around Grand Bend

Located three hours away from Toronto lies Grand Bend, one of the best family-friendly destinations in the province. The sparkling waters of Blue Flag Beach are recognized for their quality and cleanliness and draw enthusiastic beach lovers every season! 

When you’re not enjoying fun in the sun, you and your family might relax at a movie at the drive-in or kill some time with a round of mini-golf. When the hunger pangs start, you’ll find plenty of delicious places to satisfy even your pickiest eater along the vibrant and hopping Grand Bend Main Strip. If you have energy left over for a stroll, the Grand Bend Pier & Lighthouse provides spectacular views of Lake Huron! Grand Bend is well worth a visit, with plenty of fun activities for a day or for a week. However, the word is out, so you might want to reserve a room well in advance. 

Unwind Right in the City

If you live in Toronto, you don’t have to drive anywhere. Blissful vacation and staycation ideas are practically on every corner. For example, did you know that Toronto’s outdoor swimming pools are free of charge all summer long? There’s no need to suffer or sweat it out on a blistering afternoon when you can simply escape to one of 58 facilities to splash your cares away.

If you want to make a day of it, you can round up your family for some fun in the sun at the beach. With Toronto’s location on the shores of Lake Ontario, you’ll find some of the best waterfront escapes in the province. Eat your heart out, cottage country! 

Ideas for a Rainy Day

When you think of all of the fantastic indoor adventures that await you in Toronto, you’ll never catch anyone in your family humming “Rain, rain, go away.” A trip to one of Toronto’s many vibrant attractions can help anyone chase their blues away when the clouds roll in. 

Famous standbys like the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Ripley’s Aquarium can be magical places to visit anytime. The Ontario Science Centre is one of our personal favourites as it is both exciting and educational! And did you know that there are countless smaller galleries, museums, and other attractions that can transport you into what feels like a different reality? Here are just a few must-visit attractions for this summer:

Looking for more family-friendly neighbourhoods within the GTA: Here are some of our favourite places you’ve got to explore:

Incredible Day Trips in the City

In the heart of the city, fun and adventure are all around you, ready to welcome you, whether you crave a day of excitement or an afternoon of tranquillity. Toronto has so many beautiful parks, conservation areas, and outstanding attractions that it’s easy to let the stresses of your day melt away. Best of all, these Staycation escapes are all around you, meaning you don’t have to travel very far to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Enjoy the summer without straying far from your own backyard:

  • Admire the beautiful walking trails and gardens at High Park. This stunning park also features a zoo, which is free to visit, along with one of the epic outdoor playgrounds in Toronto!
  • Take a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands, where you can spend a day biking, walking, picnicking, or relaxing on the beaches. 
  • Visit Centreville on the Toronto Islands, an amusement park with more than 30 rides and attractions that your children will talk about for months.
  • Explore the Scarborough Bluffs, a series of escarpment parks so beautiful that you have to see to believe. Bring your whole family together for an unforgettable afternoon of hiking, cycling or paddleboarding. And don’t forget your swimsuit because Bluffers Park is famous for its white sandy beach and sparkling waters!
  • Immerse yourself in the greenery at the Don Valley Trails.
  • Discover the wonder of the Leslie Street Spit at Tommy Thompson Park. 
  • Relax by the water or have a picnic at Humber Bay Park.
  • Surround yourself with colourful, fragrant beauty at the Toronto Botanical Garden.
  • Spend a day at Rouge National Urban Park, Canada’s first national urban park, offering hiking trails, birdwatching, camping, and guided programs through Scarborough’s diverse natural landscape.

Whether you want to get away for a day, a weekend, or the whole week, the sky is the limit in Toronto. A non-stop list of fun adventures at your fingertips makes our city one of the best places to live and raise a family!

Do you want to know more about the lifestyle or real estate opportunities Toronto offers? Get in touch today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785, and we are happy to answer all of your questions.

Our Top Family-Friendly Mississauga Neighbourhoods to Call Home

Jun 4, 2023 | Mississauga

Are you thinking of making a move to—or within—Mississauga? If so, you’re in good company. This vibrant city is attracting families from across the GTA and beyond. Of course, one of the best things about living here is the variety of family-friendly communities that offer an incredible quality of life. Before you can choose the one that’s right for you, why not learn a bit about some of the finest?

Here are some of our favourite neighbourhoods in Mississauga that are ideal for families…

Port Credit

Port Credit is one of the most in-demand communities in Mississauga. Its charming mix of homes—made up of heritage houses, along with many modern options—is one of the biggest reasons for that. Of course, the area has a lot more to offer, including lovely parks, top-notch recreation, and lively amenities. If you’re looking for a day on the town, you’ll love the vibrant shops, restaurants, and services along the Lakeshore. There’s even a Canada Day Parade for those who celebrate! Dining hotspots include Snug Harbour and Post Italbar, while the Port Credit Go Station provides an easy way to get around.

Reputable local schools like Port Credit Public School and Forest Avenue Elementary are another major draw, as are beautiful green spaces such as Port Credit Memorial Park (which sits next to the newly-remodeled Port Credit Library) and J.C. Saddington Park (with its scenic lake views and picnic areas).

Lorne Park

Lorne Park is one of the oldest and most affluent neighbourhoods in Mississauga. This gorgeous suburb is filled with magnificent luxury houses and mature tree-lined streets. Here you’ll also find some of the best places for your kids to get an education (including White Oaks and Lorne Park Public Schools, the latter of which is ranked as one of the best in Ontario).

There’s a lively strip along Lorne Park Rd. Local businesses include retail options (like jewellery and flower shops) and eateries (such as Orange Fish Sushi House). The Mississauga Golf and Coutry Club is also in the neighbourhood—a major bonus for those who want to hit the links! Lastly, in South Lorne Park, Richard’s Memorial Park is a big, beautuful green space that stretches along the waterfront.


Clarkson is a neighbourhood on the rise. You’ll find some majestic homes in the area, especially in the Rattray Marsh area, which offers luxury houses on large lots. That said, there are also some more affordable pockets. No matter where you live in the community, you’ll enjoy its many amenities. These include eateries like Capra’s Kitchen (owned and operated by celebrity chef Massimo Capra), and the shops and services at Clarkson Village Shopping Centre.

Of course, there are other reasons to love this Mississauga gem. They include fantastic schools (including Catholic options like St. Christopher) and wonderful green space (think Rattray Marsh, with its magical forested trails). While you may rarely feel the need to leave Clarkson, the local GO Station and easy commutes to Oakville (to the west) and Toronto (to the east) make getting around a breeze.


Few Mississauga neighbourhoods are as idyllic as Streetsville, which is known for its historic brick houses. You’ll also find a variety of post-war homes and much newer developments. These desirable places to live are interspersed with green spaces like Streetsville Memorial Park (known for its Credit River views) and Meadow Green (which provides access to tennis courts and other amenities).

If you’re looking for things to do, Vic Johnston Arena is well known as the ideal place to strap on a pair of skates, while Streetsville Pool keeps families cool next door. When it comes to community events, the Bread and Honey Festival (held in June) offers live performances, carnival rides, food, beer gardens, and more.

There’s also a charming downtown strip along Queen Street, which includes one of the best pizza joints around (Goodfellas). Streetsville Village Square, which hosts a variety of events throughout the year, is home to beloved Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour. It’s a great place to grab a treat after picking the kids up from one of the local schools (Vista Heights is one of the top-ranked in the region).

Mississauga isn’t just a great place to settle down with your family. It’s a great place to invest for the future! Find out more in the posts below:

Erin Mills

Erin Mills is home to a varied mix of properties, which includes bungalows, custom houses, townhomes, and semi-detached options. The area is also seeing more condo development, which is great news for downsizers and investors.

Part of the reason Erin Mills is in such high demand is its convenience. Here you’ll find the very popular Erin Mills Town Centre, where there are nearly 200 places to shop and eat. The University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus is located where South Erin Mills meets Erindale, making it easily accessible. The neighbourhood is also home to Credit Valley Hospital.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time in Erin Mills, explore its attractive outdoor spaces. South Common, Thorncrest, and Sawmill Creek Parks are just a few of the local go-to’s. Glen Erin Trail is also a favourite with cyclists and bikers. When it comes to schools, parents are more than happy with the local selection. It includes Castle Bridge Public School, Thomas Street Middle School, and the well-ranked John Fraser Secondary School, among others.

Churchill Meadows

The scenic Churchill Meadows neighbourhood is Mississauga’s newest master planned community. It’s comprised of contemporary detached, semi-detached, townhomes and condos in a typical new-subdivision style that’s quite popular with many of today’s home buyers. It’s conveniently located in the westernmost area of Mississauga, near both highways 403 and 407, along with numerous amenities and shopping plazas including Erin Mills Town Centre, only a 5 minute drive away.

One of the highlights of the Churchill Meadows neighbourhood is the newly built state of the art Churchill Meadows Community Centre and Mattamy Sports Park, a 75,000 square foot facility and 57 acre park that include a 6-lane indoor pool, triple gymnasium, tournament-level sports fields, skate park, spray pad and outdoor fitness equipment.  

Sought after local schools include Churchill Meadows Public School, and Oscar Peterson Public School. With all of the family friendly amenities, it’s no wonder that this neighbourhood is a top choice for young families who are moving up in the world. 


Searching for the ideal neighbourhood that has it all and at an affordable price point? The friendly community of Meadowvale might be the perfect fit.  Located in north-west Mississauga, Meadowvale is bordered by Derry Road, Creditview Road, and Mavis Road, all while providing easy access to Highway 401. It is also one of North America’s first master planned communities with a mix of homes on nicely sized lots and pretty tree lined streets. Throughout the neighbourhood, you’ll find upscale residential streets dotted with stately century homes that have been beautifully landscaped and maintained over the years. 

Meadowvale Village is also home to the largest business park in Mississauga with many corporate head offices, ideal for those that would like to live near their work and also for quality of family life.

All amenities are nearby from schools, shopping at the Meadowvale Town Centre, to the state of the art Meadowvale Community Centre which includes an indoor pool, skating rinks, Library and more. 

Meadowvale is full of natural beauty with abundant parks and walking trails, with one of the best attractions being Lake Acquitaine Park, home to a fishing dock, outdoor fitness area, splash pad and over 3 kms of walking trails. You’re also close to the Meadowvale GO Station and Highway 401 which makes commuting east or west a breeze.

Meadowvale is also home to Meadowvale Village which became Ontario’s first historic district in 1980

You will be in good hands if you’re looking for a top-notch education for your young ones. Plum Tree Park Public School and Meadowvale High School are just two highly-rated public facilities serving the area. If you prefer private options, Rotherglen School’s Meadowvale Campus (located on Old Derry Rd) and Lynn Rose Heights, and IB World School are among the most reputable private institutions in Ontario.


One of the best things about Mississauga is the wide assortment of communities you can find here. For example: Are you looking for a quiet, established neighbourhood with a sense of peacefulness while still enjoying a highly convenient lifestyle? Then welcome to Rathwood, a former farming area that has maintained its tranquil feel and love of nature. 

Many Rathwood residences were initially constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. These well-maintained homes are large, spacious, and perfect for families looking to upgrade their lifestyles. 

If you enjoy a central location and neighbourhood streets with mature trees and comfortable lot sizes, then you will enjoy Rathwood. With its location on the Etobicoke border, many home buyers enjoy the convenience of commuting to the Kipling Subway via a direct bus or short drive along Bloor St, or the fact that buying here can be at a more affordable price tag (and without paying two Land Transfer Taxes) as you would in Etobicoke. It’s also located in close proximity to Mississauga’s downtown City Centre and the massive Square One Shopping Centre with every shop, restaurants and lifestyle amenity you could imagine. There’s also the local Rockwood Mall anchored by a Winners and Homesense store, as well as a Chuck E Cheese for the kids. Rathwood is also home to the newly redesigned  Burnhamthorpe Community Centre featuring a state-of-the-art aquatic centre as well as an equipment-based fitness centre and will be built to the city’s Corporate Green Building Standard.

What about schools? Once again, everything you find in Rathwood is high quality. Glenforest Secondary School and Briarwood Public School are standing by, as are various private alternatives.


Sheridan is a scenic and upscale family-friendly neighbourhood made up of two distinct communities, Sheridan Homelands and Sherwood Forrest. Its beautiful location on the Credit River Valley makes both areas highly desirable, with Sherwood Forrest appealing primarily to affluent families. The Sheridan Housing Association sponsors several events throughout the year, which adds a sense of community and helps to foster friendships among its residents. Shakespeare in the Park, a pumpkin parade and an annual Christmas light contest are just a few festivities that encourage you to get into the community spirit! Local residents can enjoy Thornlodge Park with an outdoor pool, tennis courts, playground and more. 

Sherwood Forrest Village is an upscale plaza located within the Sheridan community. It’s home to our favourite spa in the city Sherwood Village Spa (link to) along with the Apricot Tree Café, Rogues Restaurant, the newly opened F45 Fitness and many other shops and services. 

Families with children have several public schools in their catchment area, including Sheridan Park Public School and Erindale Secondary School. Sheridan is also sought after for its close proximity to the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. Do you prefer a private alternative? USCA Academy International School is an excellent option for older students who seek entry into college or university, while the prestigious Kendellhurst Academy caters to children in grade school.

Sheridan’s real estate landscape also has much to offer, from modest bungalows and entry-level homes to the majority being spacious two-storey houses and custom builds.


The exclusive, forested enclave of Mineola is one of Mississauga’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. Spectacular, one-of-a-kind homes on spacious lots with lush greenery are the hallmarks of the community. Though it may seem like a secluded paradise, Mineola remains close to the heart of the action, with many amenities and recreational activities readily accessible. Once you get past the shaded tree-lined streets of the neighbourhood, the shopping and dining districts of Port Credit Village are at your fingertips.

Local residents will refer to Mineola as ‘Mineola East’ or ‘Mineola West’, which represents the area off of Mineola Rd running east or west of Hurontario St (Hwy 10). Mineola East is the more affordable locale within the Mineola area, whereas Mineola West is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Mississauga. 

One of the many things that bring affluent families to Mineola is the exceptional educational opportunities, with Mineola Public School, Port Credit Secondary Schools and Kenollie Public School close at hand. It’s also home to one of Mississauga’s most sought after private schools, Mentor College which offers education from Kindergarten through to university entry. 

Mineola offers diverse real estate options consisting of everything from mid-century bungalows and townhouses to stunning heritage homes and custom estates. The one constant you’ll find is the oversized lots that leave plenty of space for outdoor fun. 

What other GTA Cities are great for family life? Find out more possibilities in the posts below:


On any given day, you will encounter young children playing happily in the spacious backyards and playgrounds of Applewood. Quiet streets, relative affordability, larger lot sizes, and a safe community make this neighbourhood, a popular choice for parents of young children. 

Named after the apple orchard that once was in this area, Applewood is home to the Applewood Acres subdivision, a charming development consisting of brick one and a half storey, two storey and bungalow homes built in the 1950’s by Shipp, a well known builder in Mississauga and west Toronto at the time whose homes are sought after even today for their quality construction. 

An outdoor public pool, tennis courts, plentiful playgrounds, and a series of mixed trails provide abundant opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. And a convenient location in east Mississauga bordering Etobicoke offers easy access to Toronto, making Applewood ideal for those who travel for work and play.

Applewood is home to the Dixie Outlet Mall and only a few minutes away from one of Toronto’s most stylish shopping destinations, Sherway Gardens.

As a child-friendly neighbourhood, Applewood offers access to many schools, private and public. Thornwood Public School, Applewood Heights Secondary School, and Applewood Rainbow Montessori School are just a few to come to mind.

Housing options in Applewood offer something in nearly every price bracket, from entry-level condos, bungalows, and townhouses to split levels and spacious two-storey homes. 

Looking for the right home in the ideal family-friendly community? We can help—contact us at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 to benefit from our Mississauga neighbourhoods expertise.

Selling a Luxury Home in Toronto

The Ins and Outs of Selling a Luxury Home in Toronto

Jun 1, 2023 | Sellers

In the broad sense, selling a high-end property is the same as any other real estate transaction. The similarities include cleaning, decluttering, making minor updates, and staging the home for maximum impact in the market. 

However, when it comes to the finer details, selling a luxury home is as different as night and day. It requires more savvy and far more attention to detail than you would need for a standard Toronto house. In this post, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of selling a luxurious property so you can get the best possible terms and results. Here’s what you need to know.

Toronto: A Housing Market Like No Other

It’s hard to imagine a vast real estate landscape with more diverse housing options than Toronto. The high-end market includes everything from sleek penthouses overlooking the skyline to stunning heritage homes and elegant waterfront mansions, all against the backdrop of the bright city lights. 

In Toronto, upscale clientele can enjoy an elevated lifestyle, with some of the finest restaurants in the world and endless boutique shopping opportunities. As a seller, the key to your success is to showcase your magnificent property to the highest calibre of Buyers actively searching for a home like yours.

Why buy or sell in Toronto? It is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world! Find out more in the posts below:

Luxury Buyers Are More Discerning

One of the most significant differences between selling a standard home and a high-end estate is the level of sophistication of the market itself. A person searching for an upscale property is likely an experienced and savvy real estate Buyer. 

Unlike first-time Buyers, they’re not bursting with unbridled enthusiasm as they browse through available listings. Instead, they view every property with a high level of scrutiny. They will take their time to wait for the right opportunity and are unlikely to let their emotions take over when placing offers.

Real Estate Professionals Need More Experience

Rarely will you encounter a new or inexperienced real estate agent representing multi-million dollar listings or their Buyers. Upscale clients have exceptionally high expectations, and rightly so. With higher prices and more complex transactions, negotiations are delicate and nuanced. 

Real estate professionals in the luxury markets must have a wealth of experience and knowledge to be able to secure favourable outcomes for their clients. They handle each interaction with professionalism, grace and discretion to ensure clients feel reassured and delighted with their experience from start to finish.  

The Luxury Market Has Less Competition

As the population in Toronto grows, the demand for entry to mid-level housing becomes intense, with many listings attracting multiple offers and all-out bidding wars as Buyers compete with one another. This frantic activity is less common in the high-end market, where the pool of qualified Buyers is much smaller. 

If these sophisticated Buyers feel any urgency for a particular home, it’s not likely due to competition from others. They act for their own reasons and on their own timelines. Either they have fallen in love with the home or see it as a worthy investment opportunity. What does this mean for you as the seller? 

You must go to great lengths to make your home appeal to discerning Buyers. This means a thorough understanding of your demographics so you know who and where to market your listing. Above all, it means being patient while searching for the right Buyer. With fewer listings and fewer people actively searching, high-end real estate tends to move slower than the regular market. 

Looking for even more ideas to prepare for a luxury sale? Here are some resources you will find invaluable:

Home Preparations Can Be More Meticulous

Since high-end real estate Buyers tend to be more sophisticated, you can’t just slap a coat of paint on the walls and call it a day. Fresh paint will help, but you must go far above and beyond minor cosmetic improvements. 

Meticulous attention to the finest detail is necessary to appeal to savvy, even critical, Buyers who will inspect your home thoroughly. It stands to reason that someone considering investing several million dollars has high expectations. As such, if you hope to earn $2 million from your sale, prepare your home like a $5 million listing. 

Here are some ideas to help you showcase the distinctive features of your home:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection: Identifying and addressing underlying issues ensures transparency and instills confidence in potential Buyers.
  • Enhance curb appeal: There’s no better way to set the stage than with a grand entrance that is majestic and awe-inspiring. Meticulous landscaping, a well-manicured lawn, colourful gardens, and attractive outdoor spaces combine to create an inviting and irresistible ambiance.
  • Upgrade essential systems: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security systems should be up-to-date and functioning optimally.
  • Create a spa-like atmosphere: Incorporate high-end fixtures such as spacious showers, soaking tubs, or heated floors to transform bathrooms into luxurious retreats. 
  • Showcase high-end materials and finishes: Marble countertops, hardwood floors, custom cabinetry and designer lighting can emphasize the opulence and stunning features of your beautiful home.
  • Home automation and security: A sophisticated security system is essential on a high-end property that is worth protecting. Putting this in place adds to the perceived value of the home. It’s a subtle, but unmistakable effect that builds Buyer confidence even more. 
  • Illuminate with custom lighting: Optimize lighting to accentuate architectural features, create ambiance, and highlight focal points. Chandeliers, recessed lighting, and accent fixtures can create a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the property.
  • Stage with luxury in mind: Luxury homes should be adorned with bespoke décor and furnishings, not in a generic style of home staging. Strategically arranged furniture, artwork, and decor can highlight the grandeur of each room and help Buyers envision the home as their own.

Preparing your home to meet these impeccably high standards is just one more reason to work with a real estate agent with experience in the luxury market. 

A Carefully Crafted Marketing System is Essential

Once your home looks stunning, the next step is to formulate your marketing plan. Unlike other listings, you don’t want to attract anyone and everyone. Very few people will have the means to purchase your home, but many would love to visit your open house for a free tour.

An effective marketing system will target the most likely Buyers while maintaining your privacy. Here is an overview of what that strategy might look like:

Defining your target audience

Identifying your market allows you to get your listing in front of high-net-worth individuals, executives, and affluent families who might be interested in your home while excluding unqualified Buyers.

Exclusive listings

With an exclusive listing, your real estate agent is the only one with the right to show your home for a specific amount of time. Your estate will be featured on reputable platforms and high-end publications targeting the most affluent potential Buyers.  

Private showings

Each visitor will be vetted to ensure they are a serious and qualified Buyer. Showings by appointment only help to maintain your privacy while providing a personalized experience for those who do visit.

Have the listing agent present during the showing

Having the listing agent present during a Buyer showing allows an opportunity for the agent to highlight key details and features of a home for a prospective Buyer and their agent, as well as answer any questions that they have by someone who knows all of the distinct details of the home.

Develop your home’s unique story

Luxury Buyers are at a whole different level financially. However, they are still human beings buying a home where they want to feel loved and cherished and create years worth of memories. The story of your home will emphasize the prestigious lifestyle it offers while highlighting the unique features that make it so valuable. By the time a Buyer schedules an in-person viewing, they will often have already fallen in love with your home. 

Professional photography and cinematic lifestyle videography

Highly skilled photographers and videographers can capture the essence of your home’s grandeur and gain the attention of potential Buyers all over the world. A cinematic lifestyle video will capture a Buyer’s attention and highlight all of the remarkable details of the home in a captivating way. The video should also showcase what makes the neighbourhood special, to evoke an emotion in the Buyer to have them not only fall in love with the home, but also the location.

Dedicated property website

Leverage technology to allow prospective Buyers to explore the property remotely with your own dedicated property webpage which would include all of the marketing assets in addition to expertly crafted and fully detailed information about the home, school rankings report, neighbourhood amenities, digital brochure, floor plan and more.

International exposure

Agents in the luxury realm understand that it is important to showcase a home to their network of esteemed colleagues in other world class cities across the US and internationally, as well as in esteemed luxury publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global and other highly recognized platforms.

These are just a few high-level marketing tactics you can incorporate to attract attention from discerning Buyers. However, every home is unique and will require an individualized approach to make the listing stand out in the vast Toronto market.

The Keller Williams Luxury Advantage

A real estate professional who partners with Keller Williams Luxury brings an extra competitive advantage to clients in the high-end markets. As a boutique division of the largest real estate brokerage in the world, Keller Williams Luxury agents receive specialized training that enables them to achieve results even in the most challenging conditions and circumstances.

Partnering with Keller Williams Luxury means you can expect exemplary service at every stage of your transaction. In addition, you’ll enjoy the benefits that go along with a built in marketing system that automatically provides exposure for your listing to high-end Buyers and their agents. 

Are you ready to list your prestigious home in Toronto? We’d love to help you get started by formulating a unique strategy just for you. Reach out to us at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for a complimentary consultation.

Our Top Burlington Neighbourhoods for Families

May 25, 2023 | Burlington

No matter how much you search, you will be hard-pressed to find a more family-friendly city than Burlington. Think of the convenience, festivals, shopping and dining opportunities and other amenities of Toronto. Now imagine them in a tranquil setting where your children can safely play on your front lawn. 

We could talk for hours about the many incredible parks and playgrounds that encourage children to stay active and social. When it comes to the quality of the schools, Burlington holds its own, even when compared to some of the bigger cities in the province. 

These are just a few reasons Maclean’s Magazine has ranked Burlington as the Number One Community in Canada and why Moneysense Magazine rated it as the #1 mid-sized city to live in Canada for four consecutive years. What can you expect when browsing for a potential new home? Let’s take a look at some of the most family-oriented neighbourhoods in the area.

Alton Village

Located on the northern border of Burlington, Alton Village is the newest master-planned community in the city. It’s also one of the most scenic communities, with spectacular views of the Niagara Escarpment. The picturesque beauty of Alton Village, combined with ultimate convenience, makes this a sought-after destination for families of all types. A quick trip to Walker’s or Appleby Line (literally walking distance!) leads to a plethora of big box stores, specialty boutiques and dining options. There are also two Starbucks locations in Alton, one of which is a drive-thru.

Alton Village is home to some of the best-ranked public and Catholic schools in all of Burlington,  including Alton Village Public School, St. Anne’s Catholic Elementary School, and Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School. If you’re looking for private options, Fern Hill, Blyth Academy, and Glen Arbour Academy are some of your top choices!

There’s no shortage of parks and recreation in Alton Village, as this neighbourhood was designed with families in mind. The Haber Recreation Centre is the heart of the community, providing an indoor gymnasium and public library, and Norton Park located opposite Haber has everything you could ask for with multiple sports fields, a skate park, splash pad, playground and there’s even a dog park with off-leash area.  

The real estate landscape in Alton Village is primarily comprised of beautiful, contemporary detached homes predominately built by Fernbrook Homes and Sundial Homes.

Learn more about Alton Village by reading our community guide right here.

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The Orchard

Located in northeast Burlington bordering Oakville along Bronte Creek Provincial Park is The Orchard. This neighbourhood is another top choice for families at a more affordable price point than Alton Village. The Orchard offers a sense of community which is one of the top priorities for residents living here. It’s not uncommon for neighbours here to know one another by name, and you’ll often find residents enjoying time outdoors in this master-planned community.

What can you expect to find around the neighbourhood? Plenty of parks, pedestrian-friendly streets and paved woodland pathways make this one of the most walkable areas in Burlington. Residents here love having Bronte Creek Provincial Park as its immediate neighbour, which is home to numerous trails, cross-country skiing and more. You’re also nearby numerous shopping plazas and restaurants, another reason The Orchard is a premium choice for many families in the city. 

All year long, you’ll encounter children playing happily in the many parkettes and playgrounds sprinkled around the community. When not playing, the neighbourhood kids may be studying at highly rated schools such as Orchard Park Public School, Alexanders Public School, Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School, or private alternatives like  Waterdown Montessori School and Ashwood Glen School

The Orchard real estate offers a variety of two-storey detached, townhouse and semi-detached homes, predominantly built by Mattamy Homes, with plenty of space for each member of the family. 

Still curious about The Orchard? You’ll discover more in our community guide right here.


Convenience meets nature in Millcroft, an affluent neighbourhood located in central Burlington. A golfer’s paradise, Millcroft was built around the Millcroft Golf Course, a highly coveted feature of this neighbourhood. You may even spot “watch for golfers” warning signs on the streets. But you don’t have to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy the great outdoors in this upscale neighbourhood. Baseball diamonds, playgrounds, splash pads, and walking trails abound, providing wholesome recreational activities for children and the young at heart. 

As with most Burlington neighbourhoods, Millcroft is well served by public education, with Florence Meares Public School and Charles R. Beaudoin Public School close at hand. Highly rated private schools such as Fern Hill, Halton Waldorf School and Burlington Royal Arts Academy are available for those who prefer an alternative education for their children.

The housing market is made up of large houses, primarily built by Monarch Homes, on oversized lots that provide plenty of space to set up your own backyard escape – some of which back onto the golf course, and executive townhomes – including those that are bungalow-style, a rare find in the city.

Discover everything you ever wanted to know about Millcroft in our community guide right here.

Brant Hills

Another neighbourhood located next to the Niagara Escarpment, Brant Hills is practically synonymous with “family-friendly.” The Brant Hills Community Centre and adjacent park are the glue that holds the neighbourhood together, providing a broad range of recreational activities for children. 

Should you decide to put down roots here, you will have no shortage of education options for your children, including the highly ranked St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School, Bruce T. Lindley Public School and É Élém Renaissance – a French language school rated 8 as per the Fraser Institute

Private academies such as Glen Arbour AcademyAshwood Glen School, and Burlington Royal Arts Academy are also ready and waiting to welcome your enthusiastic learner.

All types of homes can be found in Brant Hills, including detached two-storey, Colonial and Tudor styles. Many of the older generations have moved on from Brant Hills, with younger families moving in and updating the older homes to today’s contemporary style, rapidly increasing the market values here. Brant Hills also offers a wide variety of bungalows and split-level homes, which are sought after by all generations of home buyers. 

Learn even more about Brant Hills in our community guide right here.


Aldershot, located in southwest Burlington, is the furthest west community within and overlooks Burlington Bay, providing a hard-to-beat combination of stunning natural beauty and convenience. The Business Improvement Association boasts one of the best shopping corridors, with over 250 retailers and restaurants ready to greet you. The area has been home to a surge in revitalization, with the older strip plazas being torn down to make way for new townhomes and low-rise condos.  The neighbourhood is also home to Aldershot Farmer’s Market and hosts the annual Aldershot Community Festival. With breathtaking waterfront views, luscious gardens, and beautiful walking and cycling trails, you and your family will never experience a dull moment. 

Living in Aldershot also affords many opportunities for public education, including Maplehurst Public School, Glenview Public School, and Aldershot High School. If you prefer a private alternative, Waterdown Montessori School and Fairview Glen Montessori are popular among neighbourhood residents.

The real estate landscape in Aldershot truly offers something for everyone. From the estate-type luxury homes along North Shore Blvd, some with riparian rights, newly built modern custom homes, and more modest bungalow homes, the beautiful tree-lined streets and wide boulevards offer an attractive appeal to all home buyers. 

Want to know more about Aldershot? Check out our community guide right here.

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Located in southeast Burlington, you might call Shoreacres the “Millionaire’s Row” of Burlington. Take a drive down Lakeshore Rd, and the stately homes with mature trees and perfectly manicured properties will take your breath away. Here, you will find some of the most majestic homes in the city. The only thing more impressive than the architecture just may be the waterfront views, which are spectacular. 

The quiet streets are safe and scenic for walking and cycling, and this is one of the best communities for children to play in. As you’d expect, Shoreacres has excellent public schools in its catchment area, including John T. Tuck Public School, Pineland Public School, and Nelson High School. Private education is just another thing that sets this luxurious neighbourhood apart, with  Glen Arbour Academy, Ashwood Glen School, Fairview Glen Montessori, and Appleby College conveniently located minutes away.

If a little extra space is what you’ve been dreaming of, the homes and oversized lots of Shoreacres will not disappoint. The typical house can range from 5,000 to 7,000 square feet of pure luxury. Houses here cost more than in other neighbourhoods, but you can expect to get what you pay for. 

Insider tip: If you want the luxe feel of living along Lakeshore Rd in Oakville without the Oakville price tag, homes in Shoreacres are a steal in comparison. Best of all, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of lifestyle you would want in an upscale and affluent neighbourhood.

Find out more about Shoreacres in our community guide right here.


Welcome to Roseland, a historic and affluent community that dates back to the 1920s and features Paletta Lakefront Park, one of Burlington’s most famous landmarks. As an established neighbourhood, the streets are lined with mature trees and foliage, a particularly beautiful sight in the summer and spring when the first buds begin to bloom. 

Since Roseland is only minutes away from Shoreacres, it provides access to some of the same public schools, including John T. Tuck Elementary School and Nelson High School. And as with most high-end neighbourhoods, there are also high-quality private alternatives located nearby, such as Blyth Academy and Fern Hill.

Life in Roseland offers the perfect blend of privacy and convenience and is highly sought after for not only the top schools and sizeable properties, but you’re also within walking distance to downtown Burlington. There, you’ll find a fabulous array of restaurants, boutiques and more within its cobblestoned shopping area and the beautiful waterfront pier and boardwalk. This is arguably the most picturesque waterfront in all of the GTA! 

The houses here are a broad mix of magnificent, from heritage homes in the Colonial, Cape Cod styles to modern new builds and raised bungalows. In other words, whatever you’re looking for, you will find it in Roseland!

Want to know more about Roseland? Find out in our community guide right here.

Do you want to know more about Burlington, or are you ready to begin your home search? We know all of the neighbourhoods within Burlington and will provide you with expert guidance to find the perfect place to call home. Reach out to us at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information.

First Home Savings Account

The New Tax-Free Home Savings Account: What Does It Mean for You?

May 4, 2023 | Buyers

For as long as anyone can remember, buying a home has been a milestone we have looked forward to ever since we were children. Nothing said “I’m all grown up,” like turning the keys into your very own place that you obtained through years of hard work. 

Now, with the real estate market the way it is, that much-anticipated goal seems more unattainable with each passing year. In Toronto, housing prices have more than doubled over the last decade. Values are still rising as the population grows and the market becomes even more competitive. 

Residents have been pressuring governments at all levels to do something to alleviate this crisis. Over the last few years, those efforts have paid off, and a few measures have been implemented to try to control the housing situation. 

The latest initiative is the “First Home Savings Account” (FHSA). What does this mean, and how can it help you achieve that celebrated step of buying your first home?

The Most Challenging Obstacle to Homeownership

Have you ever asked anyone in the rental market why they haven’t yet taken the plunge and bought a house? The answers may vary. Some people aren’t ready for the commitment. Others are intimidated by the thought of all the maintenance and responsibility of owning a home. 

But for many people, saving for a down payment is the biggest obstacle to overcome. With the rising rent costs, it can be challenging even for high-income earners to set money aside.

The FHSA allows you to start saving money without tax penalty into a registered investment account for the express purpose of buying your first home. 

Who Qualifies for an FHSA?

Starting April 1, 2023, first-time buyers can open an FHSA. To qualify, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a resident of Canada
  • Be a qualified first-time home buyer

Looking for ways to add style and an air of luxury to your first home? The following may give you some inspiration:

What Is a First-Time Buyer?

The answer to the above question may seem simple. Common sense means someone who has never bought or owned a home before. However, the law tends to make things more complicated. 

You can be considered a first-time buyer so long as you did not reside in a home you or a spouse or common-law partner owned or jointly owned at any point in the last four calendar years.

Let’s say you once owned a home, but you sold it after separating from your partner. If four years have passed and you’ve been renting or living with relatives ever since, you can again qualify as a first-time home buyer. 

To open an FHSA, simply visit your bank, credit union, or insurance company. You can open multiple accounts if you wish. Just be careful not to exceed the maximum contribution so that you don’t incur a tax penalty.

When Can You Withdraw From Your FHSA?

Your money belongs to you, and you are free to withdraw it anytime for any reason. However, if you make a withdrawal for any reason other than buying a home, it will be considered income and could result in higher taxes.

A qualified withdrawal is tax-free. You must have a written agreement to buy or build a home you intend to occupy as your primary residence within one year of taking possession.  After your first qualified withdrawal, you have until December 31 of the following year to close out any remaining funds in your FHSA.

How Much Can You Save?

Each year, you can contribute a maximum of $8,000 to your FHSA. There are two benefits to doing so:

  1. Your contributions lower your annual income, resulting in lower taxes owed for the year. 
  2. The more money you put into the account, the faster your investments will grow. Best of all, your returns on investment are also tax free!

What happens if you invest less than $8,000 in a calendar year? In that case, you can transfer the balance to the following year. For example, imagine you contribute only $2,000 the first year you open your account. This leaves you with $6,000 participation room remaining. The following year, you can add that $6000 to your $8,000 limit. Your total contribution room for the next year becomes $14,000. Lifetime contributions to an FHSA are capped at $40,000.

Accurate information and expert guidance are the most valuable resources when buying a home, especially your first. The posts below will help:

FHSA Vs the Home Buyer’s Plan

Does the FHSA sound familiar? If so, there’s a good reason. The incentive is similar to another program called the Home Buyer’s Plan, which has been in effect since 1992. This existing incentive allows you to pull $35,000 from registered savings accounts to put towards your first home purchase. There are a few key differences between the FHSA and the Home Buyer’s Plan:

  • The maximum amount you can withdraw under the Home Buyer’s Plan is $35,000. The FHSA allows you to save up to $40,000, plus any profits from the investments.
  • Any funds used under the Home Buyer’s Plan must be repaid within 15 years. Otherwise, you may be taxed on any remaining amount. The FHSA is used for a dedicated purpose. Once you buy a house, you close the account, but there is no need to repay.

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More Good News For First-Time Buyers

You can take advantage of both the FHSA and Home Buyer’s Plan when buying your first home. If you buy with a partner who is also a first-time buyer, it gets even better. You can both open use the FHSA and the Home Buyer’s Plan and double the benefits of both programs. To do so, you must each have a separate account under each name. How much will combining programs allow you to save?

  • If you both use the FHSA, the combined benefit works out to $80,000.
  • Under the Home Buyer’s Plan, you can each withdraw $35,000 for a total of $70,000.
  • If you maximize both plans, you could have a total of $150,000 ($80,000 + $70,000) towards your purchase.

When Should You Open an FHSA?

The sooner the better! If you are at least 18 years old, you will benefit most from the incentive by participating as early as possible. Why? 

Just like setting up a retirement savings account, it’s better to start young. Consider this:

If you have only five years before you plan to buy your first home, you must contribute $8,000 to reach the $40,000 maximum. 

If you have 15 years before you want to buy, you can put aside just $2,666 per year to maximize the plan. Plus, you’ll benefit more from compound interest.

The younger you are when you start saving, the more investment income you will earn, even from small contributions. 

When to Close Your FHSA

Unlike an RRSP or RRIF, you can’t keep saving into your FHSA beyond 15 years. Your participation period will end on December 31 when any of the following occurs:

  • 15 years after opening your first FHSA
  • You celebrate your 71st birthday
  • A year passes from your first qualifying withdrawal

What happens to funds remaining in the FHSA after you close the account? You have two options:

  1. You can make a taxable withdrawal. These funds must be claimed as income on your tax return.
  2. You can transfer any remaining funds to an RRSP or RRIF and continue benefiting from tax-sheltered investments until retirement.

Housing values remain high in the current market, especially in the GTA. However, this exciting new incentive will make it easier for countless first-time buyers to make the dream of homeownership come true.

Do you have questions about the FHSA or any other part of the home-buying process? Reach out to us at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information.

What you need to know about unconditional offers

Everything You Need to Know About Unconditional Offers

Apr 27, 2023 | Buyers

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, the latest headlines might have you feeling a little perplexed about your next move. However, there is no reason to put your plans on hold, regardless of what the news is reporting.

The truth is these headlines could be from last year, or they could have been from ten years ago. Real estate is constantly changing, and the best way to prepare for a successful transaction is to know how the market works and how to position yourself for a favourable result. In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into unconditional offers and how to protect your interests when buying or selling a home.

What’s Happening in Today’s Market

When are unconditional offers most likely? It depends primarily on the real estate market itself. Conditions fluctuate, but one of three scenarios is generally true. We will either be in a Buyer’s, Seller’s, or Balanced market.

  • A Buyer’s market means Buyers have the advantage. With many houses available, there is very little competition, and Sellers may have to make concessions to make the sale happen. We see the fewest unconditional offers in these scenarios.
  • A Seller’s market favours the Seller. Buyers often face steep competition because there are not enough listings to go around. Not only are unconditional offers common, but you may also see multiple offers and bidding wars.
  • A balanced market is when the supply and demand are equal. This is not necessarily a negative scenario, as it could be of benefit to both the Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer may have an opportunity to negotiate on the price and include conditions in their offer. The Seller may still sell for fair market value and in reasonable time, which could result in a win for both sides.

However the market is behaving in your area, the advice of a local real estate agent can help you achieve greater results when buying or selling.

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What Sellers Should Know About Unconditional Offers

Placing an unconditional offer is an assertive move on a Buyer’s part. If they’re going to such lengths to win their bid, they must have a reason for it. It could be that conditions are highly competitive and an unconditional offer is the best way to stand out. Or they might really want a particular house. In either case, receiving unconditional offers is great news when you’re trying to sell your home!

  • You don’t have to wait to see if your Buyer’s financing clears. 
  • There is no home inspection to contend with. 
  • There isn’t an opportunity for the Buyer to walk away from the sale and use a condition in the offer as a way out.
  • The sale is firm and a binding agreement that the Buyer must fulfill. If not, there would be serious ramifications for the Buyer.

When considering an unconditional offer, you always want to be sure that the Buyer has the ability to follow through. The key is to work with an experienced real estate agent who knows what questions to ask to ensure your Buyer is qualified. 

What if the Buyer does try to back out of the transaction? This scenario is unlikely, for several reasons. 

  • First, you’ll receive a deposit within a day or two of accepting the offer. This usually works out to 5% of the selling price, which is a lot of money for the Buyer to forfeit if they are unable to close. 
  • If the transaction does fall through, you could sue the Buyer for your continued carrying costs and any difference if your house ended up selling for less than what they agreed to. 
  • Most of all, suitable houses are in short supply! Once a Buyer falls in love with your home, they will do everything in their power to ensure the transaction proceeds as planned.

Preparation and research are critical to a successful sale in the current market. The following resources will help:

How Buyers Can Manage Risk and Create Compelling Offers

With the demand for housing on the rise, you may often find yourself competing against other Buyers, especially when you find a home that seems perfect. Depending on the market, you might not stand a chance with a Seller accepting your offer if it contains conditions.

But is it risky to go in with an unconditional offer? Not necessarily. If you’re prepared prior to beginning your home search and when you work under the guidance of an experienced real estate agent who is looking out for your best interests. Let’s take a look at some of the most common concerns and how to address them.

The worst fear associated with unconditional offers is that you might end up with a property full of expensive and unexpected problems.

However, if you complete your due diligence, you can rest assured that the house you buy is entirely suitable for your needs.

  • You can conduct a home inspection before offering on a home to ensure the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and overall condition are satisfactory. This would be done at your own expense, but if it allows you to feel more comfortable to move forward on an offer to purchase, it may be worth it. 
  • Some Sellers, typically in Toronto-proper, may have a pre-listing home inspection to encourage firm offers from prospective purchasers and to be transparent about the home’s condition at the time of purchase.
  • In lieu of having a home inspection, knowing the information on the age and condition of the big-ticket items, such as the roof, windows, furnace, and air conditioner, along with any other details about the home’s structure (i.e., is the basement foundation waterproofed?) can help you feel comfortable even when dropping the condition of home inspection.
  • The Listing Brokerage is also required to complete their due diligence in asking the Seller questions to help determine the home’s condition and to verify the accuracy of all information provided on the MLS listing and the marketing materials.
  • Last but not least, the Seller is legally required to disclose any known problems that may impact your decision to purchase. If they intentionally cover up an issue, you could pursue damages through a court of law. 

Another concern Buyers may have is the financing. What happens if you make an unconditional offer and the bank declines your mortgage?

Once again, there are ways to protect your financial interests while remaining competitive.

  • Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This step is so valuable that we recommend everyone go through it before even beginning your home search. The lender will process your application and run your credit history. Once completed, you’ll receive a letter of prequalification that lets you know how much you can borrow, which will help to reduce the risk of going in without a condition on financing.
  • Know your carrying costs and closing fees before placing offers. A good rule of thumb is to budget between 2-4% of the purchase price in cash for the closing costs. The Land Transfer Tax (LTT) must be paid upfront on the closing and is not something that can go into the mortgage. All property purchases in Ontario are subject to a Land Transfer Tax. In Toronto, there is also a municipal LTT, which means you will be paying for both the provincial and municipal (double) the LTT. If you want to know how much this will work out to, our real estate calculators can help you create a realistic budget.
  • Understand how bank appraisals work. Once you place your offer, the lender usually requires an appraisal to determine fair market value. It’s critical to know that they will only approve your loan for what the house is worth, even if you qualify for more. With that in mind, be careful about getting caught up in a bidding war and be mindful of the purchase price so it doesn’t exceed a realistic value for the home, unless you have access to extra funds.
  • If buying a condo, request the status certificate before placing an offer if one is available. Otherwise, if the Seller does not have a status certificate ahead of placing an offer, you WILL want to have a condition on solicitor review of the status certificate documents to determine the financial health and stability of the condo corporation so that it’s a well managed build you’re buying in. This is the one condition you would want to have, regardless of market conditions.

What’s the next step after buying your perfect new house? Making it feel like home is a top priority, and the following posts will give you plenty of creative ideas:

Expert Guidance is Essential

When buying a home, working with a local real estate agent is the best way to craft the most compelling offer while still protecting your interests. Years of experience allow an agent to spot potential problems and help you avoid them, all while negotiating on your behalf. Best of all, the Seller typically pays the brokerage commissions, which means all of this expertise and guidance comes at no cost to you. A local expert by your side is the key to finding the right home at the best price and terms in any market. 

Are you ready to buy, sell, or invest in the GTA? We are well acquainted with this market and will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best outcome. Reach out to us at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information.

Our favourite Oakville neighbourhoods for families

The Joy of Oakville Living for Families

Apr 4, 2023 | Buyers

With a population nearing 215,000, Oakville has earned the right to call itself a “city.” However, residents have such pride in their tight-knit community with its family-friendly vibe that they refuse to be called anything but the “Town of Oakville.” And why mess with perfection? 

In 2018, Mayor Rob Burton said, “Oakville is a city that calls itself a town and acts like a village.” He was referring to the incredible sense of community and togetherness that makes Oakville so beloved among its residents.

And this isn’t just one biased opinion. The high standard of living in Oakville is well documented. In fact, MoneySense Magazine once dubbed this town the best place in Canada overall. 

If you’re looking for a safe and vibrant community to live in with your family, Oakville is a hidden gem that should be near the top of your list. Here are just a few reasons why.

Oakville Is Safe

Safety is always front of mind for every family. And Oakville is as safe as you can get anywhere. As a city with next to no crime, you can let your children play outside without worry or fear. While people lock their doors out of habit and an abundance of caution, your chances of ever becoming a victim are practically zero. 

This peacefulness and safety provide the foundation of a life well lived, allowing you to focus on the other things that matter most, like giving your child the best possible education. And, of course, having the freedom to play, explore, and create cherished memories that will last forever!

Wherever you decide to settle, making your house feel like home is one of the first things you’ll want to do. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

An Outstanding Education System 

Access to high-quality schools is another must when searching for your family’s forever home. And Oakville delivers, with a robust education system that serves children at all levels, from pre-school to post-secondary.  For example, Sheridan College is recognized internationally for its excellence in business, engineering, communications, applied health, and performing arts programs.

The Halton District School Board serves the area, providing access and resources to 84 elementary and 19 secondary schools, including many with French immersion options. Looking for a highly-rated high school? Here are a few of your top choices:

  • Abbey Park Secondary School
  • Iroquois Ridge Secondary School
  • Oakville Trafalgar High School 
  • Ste Trinité

Although there are too many to list, here are a few excellent choices for elementary schools in Oakville:

  • Joshua Creek PS
  • Sunningdale PS
  • St. Matthew Catholic Elementary
  • Ecole elementaire Patricia Picknell

Do you prefer the individualized attention and specialized instruction that only a private facility can provide? You are in the right place in Oakville, as the town is noted for the calibre of its independent schools. Here are just a few of the many options that may be the perfect fit for your child’s unique needs and learning style:

This is just a broad overview of Oakville’s outstanding education system. You’ll learn even more in our post 5 Highly-Reputable Schools In Oakville.

What’s Around the Town?

In terms of sheer size, Oakville is tiny when compared with other cities. But what it lacks in square mileage, it more than makes up for with its unforgettable character and world-class amenities. Beauty is everywhere, both natural and in the detailed architecture of the downtown buildings and majestic homes. 

The Bronte Harbour waterfront is a joy to explore all year long, lined with boutique stores, ice cream shops, and endless cafes and restaurants. However, you will notice something missing as you stroll along the boardwalk; the crowds! 

Just imagine: You get to explore the stunning shores of Lake Ontario on the busiest days and still have room to breathe and move. If you want to enjoy an elevated lifestyle, Oakville may be just the town for you. Famous former residents include actor Jim Carrey and singer Sarah McLachlan.

As spectacular as the sights and scenery may be, there’s a lot more to experience and enjoy. For example:

  • Over 200 parks and 140 kilometres of trails. That’s a lot of space for your kids to run, play and burn off their endless energy.
  • An outstanding shopping and dining district, with a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, French, Greek, Thai, Pacific Rim and Southwestern. Eat your heart out, Toronto!
  • A bonanza of exciting events such as the Taste of Oakville, Oakville Children’s Festival, and the Bronte Provincial Park’s Maple Syrup Festival.
  • A one-of-a-kind art scene, where you can visit multiple downtown galleries in a single afternoon.
  • Endless chances to pamper yourself, with a selection of services that include therapeutic massage, facials, and restorative body treatments.

Not many places can truly boast that there’s something for everyone, but Oakville is one of them.

Real estate is still a timeless investment and a fantastic strategy to secure financial growth. Find out more in the posts below:

A Few Neighbourhood Highlights

The neighbourhoods that make up our beloved town each have their own unique characteristics and way of life. They do, however, all have something in common. Everywhere you go, there’s a strong sense of community. It’s the glue that holds the town together! Now that you know about the incredible lifestyle Oakville offers, let’s take a closer look at a few of our favourite neighbourhoods.

Old Oakville

The heart of south Oakville is known for its stately mix of heritage homes and modern architectural wonders, all situated near the shore of Lake Ontario. You know when you’ve reached Old Oakville when the cars begin to slow down – not because of traffic, but to take in the beauty of the neighbourhood. 

Old Oakville is also home to some of the best schools in town, including E.J. James Public Elementary School and Maple Grove Public Elementary School, along with several options for private education.

With an abundance of beautiful trails and parks combined with the convenience of a highly walkable downtown area, this is where many affluent families decide to settle.

Discover more about Old Oakville in our community guide right here.


Welcome to one of the ritziest neighbourhoods not just in Oakville, but in all of Canada. Spectacular homes line the streets of this luxurious and private enclave. For residents of Morrison, only the best will do, especially when it comes to education. You’ll find some of the city’s best schools nearby, including St. Vincent Elementary, St. Joseph Elementary, and Oakville Trafalgar Secondary Schools. The neighbourhood is renowned for quiet luxury and stunning scenery while being close to the convenient amenities of downtown.

Want to know more about Morrison? Check out our community guide right here.

Glen Abbey

Home to the famous Glen Abbey Golf Club, Glen Abbey is one of the most coveted neighbourhoods in Oakville. Spacious, two-storey homes on oversized lots are the norm, as are tall trees, plentiful parks, and beautiful green spaces. You will also find a few townhouses and beautiful custom builds sprinkled around, which means there’s something for everyone in this quintessential Oakville neighbourhood. 

The number of quality schools in the catchment area makes Glen Abbey a top choice for families. And the convenience of restaurants, cafes, shops, and other amenities allows residents to enjoy an enviable lifestyle.

You can find out more about Glen Abbey in our community guide right here.

Westoak Trails

Westoak Trails is well-known as one of the most family-friendly communities in Oakville. For a town renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, that is saying something! It’s also one of the newer neighbourhoods where you’ll find plenty of walking trails and bike paths that connect you to many of Oakville’s convenient amenities, including a children’s playground and splash pad. 

Westoak Trails is also the location of the prestigious Forest Grove Preschool Academy of Arts and Technology and The Edge School of Performing Arts. If there is a budding genius or talented performer in your family, this could be the perfect place to nurture their gifts.

Ready to discover even more about Westoak Trails? You will find our community guide right here.


Does the ambiance of picturesque waterfront parks near a bustling marina and dynamic shopping district appeal to you? Then look no further than Bronte, where the downtown harbour is always full of energy and excitement. The streets are lined with shops and restaurants, and Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a breathtaking destination for a day or a week. Perhaps even better than the scenery is the diverse crowd of friendly locals who may just be your new neighbours!

Discover even more about Bronte in our community guide right here.

Do you want to know more about Oakville and which neighbourhood within would be the best fit for your home search? Reach out to us today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for more information or to begin house hunting.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

5 Essential Steps When Preparing Your Home For a Spring Sale

Mar 15, 2023 | Sellers

If you’ve ever sold a house before, you know the process is much more complicated than it sounds on paper. The longer you’ve lived in your home, the more challenging it becomes. It’s not just the precious memories and feelings of attachment that make it hard to pack up and leave. 

Over the years, it’s surprising how many items and belongings you collect. Every single thing in your house requires a decision. Do you keep it, throw it away, or give it to someone else? And the real estate market can change rapidly. Some of the rules that worked five years ago no longer apply. Where do you even begin?

As real estate agents, we deal with these complications and conflicting emotions every day. Luckily, there are proven guidelines to help make your transaction as smooth and seamless as possible. Let’s take a look at the essential steps of preparing your home just in time for the busy spring market.

Set Up an Initial Consultation

The first thing we do is provide an initial consultation to determine your desired outcomes. We’ll talk about your reasons for selling your home and what kind of timeline we are working within. You’ll also create a wishlist of what you want in your new home that fits your budget. 

The last thing you want is to be in a situation where you have sold your house but cannot afford your next move. At the end of your consultation, we will clearly understand what you want and need. For example:

  • Are you relying on the sale to move up to a different home or neighbourhood? 
  • Approximately how much is your home worth in the current market?
  • What features do you want your new house to have? 
  • Is there enough room in your budget to move forward with your plan?

Discussing these topics in advance and getting honest feedback allows you to set reasonable expectations and make informed decisions. 

What’s new in the Toronto real estate market in the last year? The posts below will bring you up to speed:

Customizing Your Plan of Action

Once you decide to proceed with the sale, it’s time to create an achievable plan and determine your timeline. The steps to a successful sale come down to preparation, presentation, pricing, marketing, and negotiations. The overall strategy may be similar for each listing. Still, each home has its unique character, and some customization is essential to get the best results. 

Every homeowner is also different. You might want to be involved in the entire process from start to finish. Or you may want to take a hands-off approach and let us take care of the details on your behalf. Either way works, as long as you get the results you are looking for.

Strategic updates to prepare your home for maximum impact in the market are a vital part of our strategy. How much time and money should you invest? It will depend on how motivated you are to sell your home quickly. It also depends on the house itself. If it is new or you have recently performed updates and renovations, there might be less work than you think.

Performing the Updates

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start making things happen. Depending on the market and the desirability of your neighbourhood, you don’t necessarily have to perform every task on the list. However, the steps below will give you an idea of where to start and keep you on track. 

Depersonalize and de-clutter. 

Now is the time to adopt a “minimalist mindset.” Remove all personal and family photos, diplomas, religious items, toys, and knick-knacks from tables and countertops. Pare down the essentials and consider selling or donating items you no longer need. Keep small appliances off kitchen counters, and be sure toiletries are not visible in the bathrooms. 

Remove furniture pieces that won’t be used with the staging design. Take art prints and picture frames off the walls unless we can incorporate into the design plan. What should you do with all of your remaining belongings in the meantime? You may decide to rent a storage unit until you’ve accepted an offer.

Complete repairs in the home as needed. 

Many improvements could help increase the appeal of your home without costing too much. A few examples are updating kitchen countertops, replacing bathroom mirrors, upgrading flooring from carpet to hardwood, and installing pot lights. Your real estate agent can help you determine the best improvements to provide the maximum return on your investment within the timeframe you’ve set.

Fresh paint throughout your home, ideally in one neutral tone. 

Grey walls are out. Off-white, white, and taupe tones in matte finish tend to get better results in the current market.

Update light fixtures. 

Ensure all lightbulbs are working and in the same colour. Replace outdated light fixtures with contemporary styles to fit the aesthetic of the home. Think of light fixtures as jewellery. When wearing a beautiful gown, a lovely necklace or earrings can complement the look perfectly!

Make arrangements for your pets. 

Visible signs of pets can reduce the perceived value of your home. A buyer may believe there is more wear and tear. Or worse, they may become too fearful of your pet to notice how perfect your home is for them. Your best action plan is to have a trusted friend or family member look after your furry companion during the selling process.

Deep clean your home throughout. 

Shine the interior and exterior windows, doors, and light fixtures. Wipe down doors, baseboards, and doorknobs. And don’t forget to look up! Are there any cobwebs tucked away in the corner of the ceilings? They must go! 

Increase Your curb appeal. 

Take a look at the landscaping in the front and backyards. Potential buyers will really be paying attention to your yard as the warmer weather arrives. Are they tidy, clear of debris, with a well-maintained lawn and garden? And how about your exterior doors? Take a quick look to see if they should be replaced or refreshed with new paint. Some seasonal spring decor might be just what you need to provide the final finishing touches!


Once your home is cleaned and in the best possible condition, we will arrange a staging consultation with our design team. The stager will make recommendations for minor improvements that would have the most significant impact. For example, we may decide to remove some of your existing furniture unless we can use it in the design. Remember that space sells, not stuff. 

Everyone has a distinct sense of style, but staging allows us to make your home appeal to the masses. We want a buyer to envision themselves in the home without being distracted by your personal belongings or photos. Staging often results in selling faster and for more money when prepared according to our process. Why does this matter? 

A buyer who walks through and thinks, “I must have this house,” means the battle is nearly won. When the staging is complete, we bring in our professional photographers to take beautiful photos and videos for our online and offline marketing. 

The greater the perceived value of your home, the more successful your sale will be. Here are even more decor and design ideas for you to try:


Your home is staged and beautiful, and ready for the market! Now, an effective marketing strategy will help all that time and effort pay off. We will work to position your home in a way that gains as much exposure as possible. Listing on the MLS® and multiple real estate boards is only the beginning. 

We will also feature your home on the landing page of our website and create custom brochures. Assertive social media marketing and other advertising venues help us attract attention from buyers all over the world. Somewhere out there, someone is looking for a property and price point just like yours! 

You can help by being as flexible as possible when buyers want to visit your home. Keep the lights on to make your house feel ‘ready and welcoming.’ Soft music playing in the background (like smooth jazz, for example) – can create an ambiance that sets your home far above competing listings! 

We leave no stone unturned to help you maximize the value of your home in any market. Do you have questions about our process or are you ready to get started? Reach out today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

Our Top GTA March Break Activities

Mar 6, 2023 | Toronto

March Break is coming up fast. Are you prepared? We’ve curated a list of some of our favourite March Break activities across Toronto. Here are a few worth checking out:

Toronto March Break Activities

Ontario Science Centre – Children are in for a treat at this year’s March Break Camp! It’s time to learn about the incredible science behind their favourite superhero feats. We’re talking about bending light, combatting magnetic forces, defying gravity and discovering animal powers. Your child will be talking about this experience for months to come, if not years!

Ripley’s Aquarium – This venue is a must-see if you’re looking to explore the magic of the ocean! Either head downtown for a day trip or take a staycation at one of the city’s finest hotels and head over to the aquarium for some wondrous learning and fun! 

Imagine Dragons at Casa Loma – If you have an older child, this is a great way to flex their creative thinking during March Break! “Imagine Dragons” is an exciting opportunity to stretch the imagination and learn the basics of swordsmanship as taught by the knights!

Black Creek Pioneer Village – On March 13, Maple Syrup Day arrives at the Black Creek Pioneer Village. This one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure takes your children back in time to see how this sweet treat was made in the olden days!

Winter Stations at Woodbine Beach – Winter Stations is an international design competition where artists create dazzling displays along the beach. This year features five award-winning designs that will capture your imagination. What better way to instill an appreciation of art in your little ones? Best of all, admission is free!

The National Ballet of Canada: Cinderella – What happens when a magical fairy tale is reimagined through an exquisite ballet performance? It becomes a night to remember with your family, and the timing makes it the perfect March Break activity this year. Performances run from March 10 – March 19, 2023.

Mississauga March Break Activities 

Puppet Festival Mississauga– Enjoy this seven-day puppetry festival at the start of March Break! Designed to promote puppetry from around the world and celebrate it as one of the oldest art forms. Check out the shows, workshops, and panels to learn more about this fascinating craft!

Skate on the Square – Spring is right around the corner and time is running out to enjoy skating at Celebration Square! This is a free activity that’s fun for the whole family. Get your last laps in at the skating rink before it closes for the season on March 19! 

Oakville and Burlington March Break Activities

Aerosports – This massive indoor jungle gym is the perfect place to let loose during March Break! Let the kids run free to jump, climb, and explore throughout the park. Aerosports has even added two new features including a Ninja Warrior Zone and a Climb and Slide Kid Zone! 

City of Oakville Drop-In Programs – If you attended any of the fabulous drop-in programs for Family Day, you’re already aware of how great the City of Oakville is for community events! Check out the community calendar to find the latest Oakville March Break events near you. 

Royal Botanical Gardens March Break Camp – Do you want your child to get away from screen time? At the RBG, they will get outside and love every minute of it, all while making new friends and exploring the vast beauty of nature.

Other Activities Across the GTA

Mount Chinguacousy – Weather permitting, Mount Chinguacousy in Brampton offers a variety of activities including skiing, snowboarding, and tubing! They offer rentals and lessons as well! Keep an eye on the weather before heading out! 

Dinosaur Walk Thru – Explore Canada’s Dinosaur Park from the comfort of your car at the Dinosaur Drive-Thru! This year the park is bigger and better than ever with over 50 dinosaurs of “Jurassic Size.” With lifelike displays that tower up to 30 feet tall, you and your child can be assured of a roaring good time! The exhibit runs from March 11 to April 2, 2023.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a safe, relaxing, and fun March Break! 

Luxury Design for 2023

Luxury Design Trends for 2023

Mar 2, 2023 | Lifestyle

Every once in a while, it’s normal to feel the need for something different in your life. This feeling is particularly noticeable at the start of a new year when new goals and visions begin to take shape. Sometimes, a slight shift is all it takes. An updated wardrobe or a change in scenery can make you feel brand new. Other times, you crave something more transformational. Setting your sights on a new home is an exciting milestone that many people aspire to. Another worthy goal is to remodel and redesign the house you’re already living in.

If you’ve ever watched one of the home improvement shows on television, you know how impressive and achievable a total makeover can be. Whether you plan on a few simple decor changes or a complete transformation, the goal is the same – to learn to fall in love with the place you call home all over again.

To help you clarify and plan your vision, we brought in Karin Bennett, one of our top interior designers, to share her expertise. You’ll find her answers to some of your most pressing home design questions below:

Is there an overall design theme for 2023? If so, how is it different from the past?

Karin Bennett: This year, it’s all about paint. It wasn’t long ago that crisp, white walls were all the rage. But lately, we are seeing a deeper saturation of colour and some warmer neutrals showing up in designs.

Cold white walls are being replaced with warmer, creamy walls. We are also starting to see more warm saturated hues like navy and olive instead of grey and black.

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What are some of your favourite design trends this year?

Karin Bennett: There are so many to choose from! It’s hard to narrow it down to a few favourites. However, there are two recent trends that I’m absolutely hooked on.

Number one: Curves. You’ll see them in furniture designs and decor items like mirrors. Curves in decor just offer such a sexy and refined aesthetic.

Number two: I absolutely love statement kitchen counters with lots of veining. The veins in natural stone are so beautiful, and there are so many variants that no two counters ever look alike. The effect can be bold or subtle, depending on what the homeowner wants. It looks sharp in nearly any kitchen design but really stands out amidst a white background.

Are you searching for the perfect home to remodel and decorate? A few of our buyer resources below can help:

How difficult/involved are these trends to implement?

Karin Bennett: It depends on the depth and scope of the project. But if you’re planning a renovation, you can save time by implementing these designs simultaneously. Plus, many retailers are now offering curved pieces in furniture and decorative accessories which are easy to incorporate into your home.

Designing a home is one thing. But how can a homeowner keep up the look while living their day-to-day life, especially if there are children or pets in the house?

Karin Bennett: Great question! We like to design custom furnishings for our clients, and then we have fabrics treated in a very effective stain guard. Alternatively, many retailers also offer durable fabrics on their upholstery pieces.

And we always recommend going with the best quality paint as this will allow you to wipe down the walls, which is especially important when little hands are present.

What budget range should people expect if they want a redesign in their kitchen or bathroom?

Karin Bennett: Once again, it depends on the scope of the project and on how custom you want to go. In the GTA, a complete kitchen remodel could run from $75,000 to $100,000. A full bathroom renovation would range from $25,000 to $50,000. If you’re looking for minor updates, the cost may be less.

Do you have any simple decor tips that don’t require a significant overhaul?

Karin Bennett: Yes! There are plenty of small tricks that will make your decor pop. For example, investing in new decorative pillows will update your space instantly. For a modern look, go for larger pillows and mix patterns and solid fabrics. But the easiest and least expensive way to upgrade any room in your home is to paint!

Looking for even more home decor ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

How can homeowners integrate these designs in a way that will still be up to date even when the next trend comes?

Karin Bennett: We don’t even try. Trends come and go so fast that it’s nearly impossible to redesign your home every time something changes. Instead, select the pieces you want and don’t worry about mixing styles.

Design your space to your own tastes and for your own happiness, not to impress the style gurus. Our tagline is “love the space you live in” because, at the end of the day, it’s your home. Your opinion is the only one that counts.

Visit www.karinbennettdesigns.com or email karin@karinbennettdesigns.com to find out more about their interior design services.

Thinking of buying or selling a home in Toronto or the west GTA? You’ll want a trusted Realtor with a sharp pulse on the market and who is focused on your success. We are committed to providing personalized, concierge-style service tailored to your unique needs, as everyone deserves a luxury real estate experience. Contact the Tanya Crepulja Team at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for a complimentary consultation.

Find out what it’s like to work with our team by reading authentic reviews from clients we’ve worked with in the past right here.

All images courtesy of Karin Bennett Designs.

New real estate laws in 2023

New Laws In Real Estate for 2023: A Lawyer Weighs In

Jan 26, 2023 | Market News

In response to the housing crisis facing the nation over the past few years, the Canadian government has stepped in with new legislation intended to help bring supply and affordability back to the market. These rules came into effect on January 1, 2023, and could have several implications for real estate investors. 

To help you navigate this new legislation, we interviewed Crys Masterson of Masterson Law, a real estate lawyer serving the GTA. We’ll review what these policies actually mean, any exceptions that may exist, and what penalties you may face for breaking them.

Two-Year Ban on Foreign Buyers

First, we’ll discuss the most prominent legislation on everyone’s mind, the two-year ban on foreign investors. 

Who Does This New Law Affect?

Crys Masterson: This ban applies to non-Canadians living abroad or non-Canadians who are not permanent residents. However, some exceptions will be in place for international students and other temporary residents.

Could This Law Be Interpreted as Racist?

Crys Masterson: I don’t believe that would be the case because the law applies equally to someone from the United States as it would to someone from Asia. I would argue that the ban is less race-based than it is location-based. 

There are many different racialized communities living in Canada who are citizens or permanent residents and not subject to this ban. It does, however, disadvantage anyone who wants to make Canada their permanent home but hasn’t yet secured permanent residency. 

Are There Any Loopholes?

Crys Masterson: There will always be people who will use creative ways to get around legislation, but they often come with risks and limitations. For example, a non-Canadian could fund a purchase where a Canadian citizen holds the title. A side agreement would be in place stating that the Canadian citizen is holding the property in trust for the non-Canadian, with no beneficial interest belonging to the Canadian citizen. 

There are a few stumbling blocks to this arrangement. 

  1. It would likely need to be a cash purchase, which prices many people out of the opportunity.
  2. It could impact the borrowing power of the Canadian for other properties, including their own. 
  3. It leaves the non-Canadian to rely on a written agreement with no security, as the Canadian citizen could sell the property without the non-Canadian’s knowledge or permission. 
  4. If the underlying agreement were discovered, both parties could be subject to fines and may be required to sell the home. 
  5. Finally, if the lawyer processing the transaction discovered the underlying plan, they would not be able to register the transaction as it would violate the law society’s ethical mandates.

What Legal Exemptions Are in Place?

Crys Masterson: There are some exemptions for homes in municipalities with a core population of less than 10,000, recreational properties such as cottages, and some multi-unit dwellings. Similarly, some people are exempt, such as those with temporary work permits, refugee claimants, and international students who meet specific criteria.

How Will the Government Enforce This Ban?

Crys Masterson: The government will rely on real estate agents to screen buyers and

advise them of the ban prior to purchase. They’ll also rely on lawyers to identify violators during their intake and ID verification process. Finally, they’ll depend on whistle-blowers, as is the case with many regulations.

What Are the Penalties for Contravening This Law?

Crys Masterson:

The non-Canadian could face a fine of $10,000 and be required to sell the home. It’s important to remember that a Canadian resident who assists in violating the ban could face fines as well.

These new laws can actually make it easier for ethical, long-term investors to succeed in real estate! Here are some resources you may find helpful:

Anti-Flipping Rules for Residential Real Estate

The ban on foreign buyers is just one small step towards increasing the supply of houses for Canadian residents. The new year also signalled the start of an anti-flipping tax that could make it much less profitable to buy a property for short-term gain. 

Previously, any profits from flipping a house would be subject to capital gains, which meant only 50% of the profits were taxed. This new legislation states that 100% of the profits are now 100% taxable as business income. Once again, we talked to Crys Masterson to see who this law affects and how.

How Does This New Anti-Flipping Legislation Work?

Crys Masterson: A “flipped property” is a Canadian residential unit that a taxpayer owned for less than 365 consecutive days before selling the property. Since it’s intended to discourage flipping for a profit, there are exceptions for those whose personal situation may require them to sell their house sooner than they intended. These exemptions include:

  • Death of a taxpayer or related person
  • Disability or serious illness of a taxpayer or related person
  • Insolvency of the taxpayer
  • A new individual joining the taxpayer’s household
  • Breakdown of a relationship
  • Threat to personal safety
  • Relocation due to employment
  • Destruction or expropriation of the property. 

As with most taxes, the filing is voluntary. Still, the penalties for non-compliance are onerous – a 50% penalty on the taxes owing and accrued interest.

What Happen if Disputes Arise?

Crys Masterson: If you are ever unsure whether your sale would be considered a flipped property, you should consult a tax lawyer or accountant. In the event that the CRA assesses the tax and the individual wishes to dispute it, you should consult a tax lawyer.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer Protect You?

Crys Masterson: A real estate lawyer can review the legislation to assess whether your sale falls within reach of the regulation. Based on that determination, the lawyer can advise you on how to proceed and whether you will need to consult other related professionals.

Information is critical to succeeding when buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Signing up for our newsletter is a fantastic way to stay up to date. 

Vacant Home Tax in Toronto

The demand for rental units and houses is higher in Toronto than nearly anywhere else in Canada. In response, the city has imposed a new tax of 1% of the home’s assessed value if it sits vacant for six months of the calendar year.

Once again, Crys Masterson weighs in on this new legislation.

How Will This Tax Be Enforced?

Crys Masterson: There is a positive obligation to declare, which means the city will likely examine and fine all those who fail to make a declaration. Failure to declare or making a false declaration can result in fines ranging from $250 to $10,000. 

The city will issue notice to anyone with a late declaration, and fines may result. The property may be deemed vacant, and the vacancy tax will apply. As well, the city is likely to rely on whistle-blowers to reclassify those who make a false declaration.

Are There Any Exemptions?

Crys Masterson: There are temporary exemptions for properties owned by an estate or an elder in care, properties undergoing renovations, occupancy for full-time employment, and where a court order prohibits occupancy.

Do you have any other questions about these new laws and how they may impact you when buying or selling a home? Consulting an experienced real estate lawyer is the best way to avoid fines and consequences for non-compliance. You can reach Crys Masterson at crys@mastersonlaw.ca or by calling 289-828-8878 email is You can also visit her website at  www.mastersonlaw.ca.

Is buying a new home one of your goals for 2023? If so, the following posts can help:

Real Estate Resolutions for 2023

Real Estate Resolutions for 2023

Jan 18, 2023 | Buyers

Another New Year has arrived, and many people are looking forward to a fresh start in 2023. January 1st has long been the time for new beginnings and a chance to set resolutions for the year ahead. Do your goals involve buying or selling a house? If so, it’s an excellent time to review the market and prepare for success accordingly. The last year was one for the record books, with the dramatic increase in market activity at the start of the year, followed by a distinct decline for the latter half of 2022. This shift may be shorter-lived than anticipated, providing countless reasons to feel optimistic about buying or selling real estate in 2023.

Will Balance and Stability Return to Real Estate?

Though 2022 started with a record-breaking housing boom, many homeowners nervously watched as property values dropped due to rising interest rates. At this point, the market is more balanced than it has been for a long time. However, a growing population amid the housing shortage could soon send us back into highly competitive conditions. But for now, there are plenty of opportunities for both buyers and sellers who plan ahead. It is the perfect time to set and begin working towards your real estate resolutions for 2023!

Resolutions for Buyers: Decide What You Want

It is an exciting time for buyers looking to purchase their first home, upgrade to a larger house, or add to their investment portfolio. New listings are down slightly. Still, more inventory is available now than at any point in the last two years. Buying now gives you the pick of the home you want at prices much lower than when the market peaked. The first step to turning this goal into a reality is to create a detailed vision of what you want. The following checklist will help you get the ball rolling:

  • What kind of home do you want? A bungalow, two-storey house, townhouse, or newly-built condo?
  • When do you want to move?
  • Where do you want to live?

The key to creating your vision for your dream home is to list the features you would love to have while staying flexible. Being clear but open-minded can help you find what you are looking for, or something even better!

Make a Plan for Your Existing Home

Do you currently own a home and are thinking about upgrading or downsizing? One of the first decisions is whether to sell that existing property first or wait until you find the right home. Alternatively, you could keep your existing house as an income property to rent out. A strong case can be made for all three options.

Sell your existing house first.

If you sell first, you don’t have to worry about how much you can afford for your next home or whether you will receive the funds on time. Financially, this is the safest option. However, it does place you on a time limit to find and secure your new home.

Buy your new house first.

Given the current temperature of the real estate market, we don’t typically recommend buying first. However, it can be a viable option if you have extra funds for a down payment without relying on the proceeds from your sale, and if the closing date for your new home will provide ample time to sell your current home. Generally speaking, there is less risk if selling first. You should also have a financial cushion to cover you if you end up carrying two mortgages until your existing home sale closes. 

Hold onto your house as an investment.

Even though housing prices have dropped in the GTA, they are still out of reach for many residents. As a result, the demand for rentals is unprecedented. Keeping your existing property allows you to benefit from further equity growth when housing values rebound. Plus, your rental income helps you cover most–or in some cases of your monthly costs, provided you have paid down a good portion of your home and carry a smaller mortgage.

Investing in real estate is a fantastic way to preserve and grow your wealth and is a worthy goal at any time. The articles below will help you get started:

Special Guidelines for First-Time Buyers

Buying your first home is one of life’s most exciting milestones and a great resolution to make for the new year! However, it’s a complex process requiring a deep commitment, which can be intimidating for anyone who has never owned a home before. A successful purchase will require focus and determination. The following guidelines will help make your goal a reality:

  • Determine your budget and allow for hidden costs, such as closing costs, utilities, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage before house hunting. This step lets you know how much financing you qualify for and provides a decisive edge when negotiating with sellers.
  • Look into government programs available for first-time buyers. Reaching the amount required for your down payment can be difficult when you don’t have equity in an existing home. However, the First Time Home Buyer Incentive, the Home Buyer’s Plan, and the Land Transfer Rebate can help.
  • Work with a local real estate agent to help uncover suitable listings and negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.

Resolutions for Sellers: Look Forward, not Back

Perhaps the best advice for sellers is to look forward to your potential opportunities rather than focusing on the past. Some homeowners regret not selling during the real estate peak last year. But in many ways, now is a better time to list your home. Even though you may earn less from your sale than the peak in 2022, you may also pay less for your new home. In addition, your equity in your current home shields you from the impact of higher interest rates.

But the best benefit by far is that finding your next home is much easier and less stressful in this balanced market. These new market conditions also allow you to place a condition on a home inspection, so you can address potential issues in a home upfront. In the long run, this could save you a lot of money and hassle. 

One of your resolutions may be to get an accurate estimate of how much your home is worth. We can help with a free home evaluation, which you can book right here.

Commit to the Best Results in the Current Market

In the current market, you should take no shortcuts when preparing your house for sale. You don’t have to overspend or undertake major projects that disrupt your life for months at a time. Some of the upgrades that offer the best return on investment are simple and can include:

  • A fresh coat of paint in a light neutral tone throughout
  • A complete, top-to-bottom clean and declutter 
  • New lighting fixtures
  • Updated kitchen backsplash and hardware
  • New silicone around showers and bathtubs

Home Staging for Maximum Results

Some homeowners may debate the merits of staging a house versus the time and effort it takes to do it right. However, the numbers do not lie, and proper staging has been proven to add to the average final selling price of a home. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on an interior designer while replacing every piece of furniture. However, you want to remove your personal footprint from the home so that buyers can imagine it from their perspective. Staging is so impactful when it comes to the final result that we include full home staging by some of the best home stagers in the GTA complimentary for our clients. We are happy to provide this for our clients as it elevates the appeal of a home, results in selling for more money and in less time, and is inclusive within our luxury level client service and marketing.

The more beautiful your home appears, the easier it will be to sell for more money. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Connect With a Local Realtor®

Perhaps the most powerful resolution you can make is to connect with a knowledgeable Realtor® who knows your area inside and out. Buying or selling a house is not a quick transaction, and you always want an expert by your side with your best interests at heart. A conversation you start today can be the catalyst for achieving your real estate goals this year.

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house this year and unsure where to start? We can help by providing you with valuable expertise and answering your questions. Reach out today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785 for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

Buying a House in the Winter

Should You Buy a House in the Winter?

Dec 19, 2022 | Buyers

“Wait until the spring!” That’s what many people will tell you should you mention that you’re thinking about buying a new house in the winter. To a certain extent, the advice seems sound. Spring and fall tend to be the busiest months in real estate, where more people are selling, and there seem to be far more options. 

However, sometimes going against the crowd can present you with unseen opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. There is a case for conducting your home search in the winter, challenges and all. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these cold, snowy months might just be the perfect time to find your home.

Buyer’s Markets, Seller’s Markets, and Micro-Markets

No matter when you buy, a successful purchase begins with knowing how the real estate market works. If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you know the terms “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market.”

  • A buyer’s market is where people trying to sell a home outnumber those looking to purchase. The buyer has the upper hand and can often ask for reductions in price and other concessions.
  • A seller’s market is where there are too many buyers for the available listings. When this happens, buyers compete fiercely. Bidding wars and multiple offer scenarios are common. 

It isn’t just seasonal. Like any commodity, housing prices are driven primarily by supply and demand. They are also affected by external economic conditions. For example, inflation significantly impacts the market, as do interest rates, as we saw in 2022. 

At the beginning of the year, we enjoyed historically low interest rates that triggered one of the busiest seller’s markets we have ever seen. Then we gradually switched more to a buyer’s market as the Bank of Canada began raising the rates.

Buyer’s and seller’s markets are simple concepts. However, here’s something else you should know about. Regardless of what is happening to the big picture, there is always a “market within a market.”

For example, even during the busiest seller’s market, buyers have opportunities within niche neighbourhoods. And since relatively few people search in the winter, that leaves plenty of options for those who are looking.

What is happening in the market today? Signing up for our newsletter is a fantastic way to stay up-to-date.

You’ll Face Less Competition As the Snow Falls

The best time to buy a house is when you don’t need to. When you are not in a rush, you can keep your eye out for an opportunity and wait as long as it takes for the perfect listing to come up. And you may be surprised at how often that happens in the winter because hardly anyone is searching. And yet, there are plenty of listings available! 

Visit an open house, and you’ll likely find them much less crowded than during the spring or fall. Sometimes, you may be the only prospective buyer looking at the home. If the right opportunity presents itself, you’re far less likely to encounter competition from other buyers. This means you don’t have to worry about multiple offer scenarios or bidding wars driving the house price above fair market value.

Here are some other benefits of house shopping during the off-season:

  • Prices are often lower than during the busier times.
  • Houses take longer to sell, so you don’t have to rush to place your offer.
  • There will be enough listings to find what you want, but not so many that you feel overwhelmed.
  • Sellers may be more open to negotiation and conditional offers.
  • It’s easier to spot flaws like drafty walls and poor insulation.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to spend your summer vacation looking at houses. By the warm weather rolls around again, you’ll be all moved in and settled!

Want even more resources to find and purchase your new home? The tools below will help:

Sellers Are Often Highly Motivated

Most homeowners know they will likely command a better price from their sale by selling in the spring or fall. If they choose to list their house in the winter, there’s usually a good reason. When the homeowner is selling due to a job relocation or a change in marital status, the transaction is not optional. 

The sellers are more likely to offer concessions to make the transaction happen and usually want to get the process over with quickly. As a buyer, you will still need to make a realistic offer. Even in this market, a homeowner isn’t likely to sell far below the appraised value. 

However, the combined effect of reduced competition and higher seller motivation can help make your purchase at the lowest price and best possible terms.

How do you know if your real estate agent can and will work to get the best terms for you? Check out our post “Realtor® Negotiation Red Flags You Don’t Want to Ignore.”

Contractors Are Less Busy

Unless you’re looking at a brand-new build, chances are you will want to make some repairs and updates to your new home. For example, you may want a kitchen makeover, new floors, or a bathroom remodel. At the very least, a fresh coat of paint in your choice of colour can help your new house feel like home faster. 

During peak times, contractors can be booked months in advance and finding the right person for the work you need can be difficult. Most contractors are in their slow period in the winter, and they may be willing to go the extra mile or offer a discount as an incentive.

Meticulous Planning Leads to a Successful House Hunt

A well-thought-out plan will always help you get the best results whenever you decide to buy. This is particularly true in the winter when inclement weather can make it challenging to visit houses for in-person viewings. The more laser-focused you become, the less likely you are to have to traipse through dozens of options before finding the right home just for you. Here is a simple roadmap to help build your strategy for a successful purchase.

Retain a Local, Experience Real Estate Agent

Nothing will alleviate your stress and increase your chances of finding a perfect home like working with the right real estate agent. It costs you nothing to have a knowledgeable expert by your side as the seller pays all commissions. A good agent will work day and night to uncover hard-to-find listings. How do you choose the best person to represent you? 

  • Research is the key. There are thousands of agents in the GTA. However, many have only worked in the busy seller’s market of the last few years. Very few have built the network that gives them access to premium listings or the skills to negotiate the best deal. 
  • Read their Google reviews. Unbiased ratings from previous clients will give you an idea of an agent’s track record. If they have provided exceptional service and obtained results for others, they will likely do so for you as well.
  • Talk to your agent virtually or in person before hiring them. Ask questions, and a lot of them! Their answers will give you an idea about how knowledgeable they are and what kind of service you can expect from them.

What kind of questions should you ask your Realtor®? Find out in our article right here.

Organize Your Finances

Buying a house is a massive financial commitment. Before your search can begin in earnest, you’ll want to analyze your resources and determine a range for your budget. How much you can afford for your new home comes down to the following:

  • How much financing you qualify for
  • The amount needed for your down payment
  • How much you can afford to pay monthly toward your mortgage
  • How much you have in savings and equity

Let’s start by looking at how much you will need for a down payment when buying a new house. 

  • For homes above the $1 million mark, you’ll have to factor in a 20% down payment. Those funds will have to be readily available, not tucked away in a locked-in investment account. For many first-time buyers, coming up with $200,000 in cash is challenging.
  • However, if your house is less than $1 million, you need 5% on the first $500,000 and 10% on the rest. For example, imagine the asking price is $800,000. Your down payment works out to $55,000 ($25,000 + $30,000).

With the difference in the down payment calculation, even a minimal price reduction makes a house far more affordable. It’s just one more reason buying in the winter could be the best decision you ever make!

Do you want an estimate of how much your new home will cost each month? Our Real Estate Calculator is a helpful tool.

Getting a Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval

Pre-qualification and pre-approval are two terms that cause confusion among buyers. How are they different?

A pre-qualification is a good first step for someone who is in the beginning stages of buying but not yet ready to pull the trigger. It’s easy to do, and no credit check is required. Many financial institutions allow you to apply on their website by filling in basic information about your income, debt, and assets.

You’ll get an idea of how much you can borrow, often within minutes after applying. However, a pre-qualification is only a rough estimate and shouldn’t be heavily relied upon to determine your budget.

A pre-approval is far more detailed. You’ll go through the mortgage application process, and the lender will take the time to evaluate your ability to repay. They will perform an extensive background check and look at your credit history. A response can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The lender will then provide a certificate of pre-approval indicating how much you will be able to borrow.

With a pre-approval, you’re in a powerful position to negotiate with sellers because you can prove that you qualify for sufficient financing. 

Making Your Wish List

Now that you’ve done your background research, it’s time to move on to the fun part! You can begin dreaming about your new home and listing what features you want or need. The key is to be as detailed as possible while remaining flexible. Here’s an example of what your checklist might look like:

  • What neighbourhood do you want to live in?
  • How many bedrooms do you want?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Is an open-concept layout better for your lifestyle, or do you prefer separate areas?
  • Do you want a house, condo, townhouse or semi-detached?
  • What size yard do you want?
  • Do you prefer an eat-in kitchen or a separate dining room?
  • What style best suits your needs? A bungalow with everything on one level or a spacious two-storey home?
  • Are you willing and able to handle repairs yourself, or do you need something move-in ready?
  • Is a driveway or garage important to you?

If you draw a blank on what features you want, your real estate agent will be happy to step in and help. This new house will be your home for many years, so it’s worth the time and effort to get it right the first time!

When buying a home, the first question is usually, “where?” Some of our community guides might help you choose the perfect location:

Deciding What to Do With Your Existing Home

If you currently own a home, you’ll have a decision to make. Should you sell your existing property first to ensure you have the funds for your purchase? Or are there benefits to securing a new house before letting go of your old one? Depending on the market and your risk tolerance, there is a case to be made for both.

Sell First

After weighing the options, many people decide to sell first. It means you have the cash in hand for your new purchase and know precisely how much you can afford to spend on your new home. It also erases the worry about your house not selling after you’ve committed to a purchase.

However, selling first can put you at a disadvantage in a busy market. You may find yourself under pressure to find a new house quickly when only a few listings are available. If the right home doesn’t come up, you may have to settle for something less than ideal or arrange temporary accommodations.

Buy First

Buying first can be financially rewarding, but there are also risks. If you commit to a purchase, you can be responsible for covering two mortgages if your current home takes longer than anticipated to sell. But in a fast-moving market where houses get scooped up quickly, this risk is minimal. 

The advantage is that holding on to your property means you continue building equity. Plus, your house may rise in value by the time you sell. When listings are few and far between, buying first gives you peace of mind knowing you have a place to call home after your transaction closes.

Once you purchase your new home, the next step is to decorate it and make it uniquely yours. The posts below will give you some inspiration:

Should You Keep Your House When You Move?

A few investment-minded homeowners have a third option to explore. What if you didn’t have to sell your existing home at all? Retaining ownership allows you to grow your equity faster as both properties rise in value.

If your home or condo is in a high-demand area, you can rent it out and use the income to cover all or a large part of your carrying costs.

Do you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping your existing property? Check out our article, Should You Sell or Rent Your Condo When You Move?

Don’t let the frost or snow dissuade you from finding your perfect home in the winter! Whether you’re ready to start your search or just have a few questions, we are here to help. Reach out today at tanya@tcteam.ca or call 647-293-3785.

Top Ten Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Dec 1, 2022 | Toronto

There’s no place in the world quite like Toronto. Whether you’re a young professional, student, or active retiree, Toronto life offers everything you could ever want and more. World-class dining, an arts and entertainment scene that’s the envy of the nation, and top-notch education are just a few of the draws. 

Though the city is diverse and appealing for all walks of life, it is particularly attractive to anyone searching for an upscale lifestyle. With over 150 neighbourhoods in the city, how do you know what to pick for your next home? Without further ado and in no particular order, here’s a list of our top ten luxury neighbourhoods in Toronto.

South Kingsway

South Kingsway is one of the most tasteful and affluent neighbourhoods in the GTA and is surrounded by scenic beauty on all sides. You’ve got Bloor Street to the south, Dundas Street to the north, Mimico Creek to the west, and the Humber River to the east.

As a mature neighbourhood, the landscaping is pristine and dotted with tall maple and oak trees. Even with all this lush greenery, you still have the best of Toronto’s amenities at your fingertips. South Kingsway offers easy access to shopping districts, playgrounds, and recreational centres. The stretch of restaurants and boutiques along Bloor West South draws many visitors and residents all year long. 

As you would expect from one of Toronto’s most upscale neighbourhoods, you will have access to premium education. Several public schools are in the area in addition to Kingsway College School, a private facility with a focus on academics, arts, athletics and citizenship.

Highlights of the area include some of Toronto’s most beautiful parks, including Home Smith Park, which has a trail that leads all the way to the Toronto waterfront. 

Real estate options include larger-than-average homes on supersized lots that are perfect for relaxing or entertaining. Large stone mansions lend the neighbourhood a peaceful and upscale English feel.

Discover more about the South Kingsway in our community guide right here. 

Do you want to know even more about the activities, amenities, and experiences you’ll find in Toronto? Here are some other posts you will love:

High Park–Swansea

Imagine living in the heart of a major city like Toronto but having so much green space around you that it feels like being in the scenic countryside. That’s what residents love about High Park and Swansea, where stunning hiking trails are right outside your front door. 

The cherry blossoms in the springtime are the talk of Toronto, but there is so much to love about this high-end neighbourhood. Sunnyside Beach is nearby and is a popular destination in the summer months.

Living next to Toronto’s largest park is a dream for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, birdwatching, or even meditating in the sun are just a few activities you can partake in. 

Incredibly, the residential areas of High Park and Swansea aren’t all about nature. They are also a goldmine of shopping and entertainment, with the boutiques and cafes in Bloor West Village within easy walking distance. In addition, a 1000-seat amphitheatre sits right in the heart of the park and hosts musical performances and live-action plays from artists from all over the world. 

For families who want the best education possible for their children, Swansea Junior & Senior Public School has a high Fraser ranking and is one of the most reputable public schools in the city.

You’ll find everything you need right in the neighbourhood, enough to make you feel like you never have to leave home. When you do want to get around, the central location and proximity to the Toronto transit system make your travels easy and convenient.

High Park–Swansea offers an eclectic mix of real estate options where you are sure to find the perfect place just for you! For some, that means settling down in a spacious Victorian, Edwardian, or Tudor-style home. For others, a modern condo provides the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Find out more about High Park-Swansea in our community guide right here.

Baby Point

When you drive up to the centuries-old stone gates that mark the entrance to Baby Point (pronounced “Babby Point”), you’ll know you’re entering one of the most exclusive and upscale neighbourhoods in Toronto’s west end. Quiet streets, stately residences and expansive lots make this a choice destination for affluent families, retirees, and professionals.

Named after French settler James Baby, Baby Point overlooks the Humber River and is one of the most scenic areas in the city. Though known for its peacefulness and tranquillity, you won’t have to go very far to enjoy the creature comforts of Toronto. Jane and Annette Streets are sprinkled with cafes, restaurants, and a host of specialty stores and boutiques. Whenever you crave excitement, you’ll find the hustle and bustle of Bloor West Village only minutes away.

The upscale and family-friendly neighbourhood of Baby Point is unsurprisingly close to some of the top public schools in the city, including Indian Road Crescent Junior School, Humberside Collegiate Institute, and Ursula Franklin Academy.

Baby Point is so exclusive that it even has its own club, which offers residents lawn bowling and other social activities. Most homes in the area are English Manors or Tudor styles constructed in the 1920s and 1930s and beautifully maintained. Listings in the area are rare, but opportunities do arise for those who diligently keep watch!

Find out more about Baby Point in our community guide right here.

Investing is one of the most effective ways to generate passive income and grow your wealth over time. Here are some resources to help you succeed:

The Annex

Many people may dream of making the Annex their home. However, only those with substantial resources can do so. This affluent neighbourhood has it all, stunning homes and scenery combined with the exciting entertainment, eclectic shopping, and nightlife Toronto is famous for.

Close to the University of Toronto, affluent students love the excitement the Annex offers, where venues like Lee’s Palace host frequent rock concerts and dance parties.

Highlights of the neighbourhood include the world-famous Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, both of which add a touch of culture and attract untold thousands of visitors to Toronto each year.

In addition to the university, you’ll also find several private educational institutions within minutes. Annex Montessori offers programs for children from 18 months to six years, and Guidepost Montessori is scheduled to open in the summer of 2023.

The streets in the Annex are lined with luxurious, well-kept Victorian, Queen Anne, and Richardsonian Romanesque houses with architectural detail that make the neighbourhood the envy of the city.

Read more about the Annex in our neighbourhood guide right here.


You know you have made it in life when your home is just outside Toronto’s gorgeous waterfront. Convenience and luxury combine to make the Harbourfront one of the most sought-after areas in the city. It doesn’t matter what the season is. Looking out your window to take in the stunning view of Lake Ontario will never get old.

Step outside, and an abundance of attractions and experiences await you. You can spend hours strolling the waterfront trail, stopping for refreshments like coffee and ice cream when you get tired. Or you can indulge in some of the finest shopping the city has to offer. The Harbourfront is also minutes away from famous landmarks like the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, and the Scotiabank Arena.

By far, the best highlight of the neighbourhood is the waterfront trail which stretches for miles in both directions. 

There’s a lot of excitement to pack into one highly-desirable area. As a result, most residential options are condos. Take your pick of some of the latest and greatest newly-built condos in Toronto, each offering spectacular views of the city!

Read more about the Harbourfront in our community guide right here.


Yorkville is by far one of the trendiest and most desirable neighbourhoods in Toronto. Here, luxury is all about lifestyle and being close to the action. If you’re young and adventurous with the financial resources to back you up, Yorkville is the place to be.

A quick drive takes you to impressive live venues like Princess of Wales and Royal Alexandra Theatres, where you can take in legendary musicals and performances. When on the hunt for upscale restaurants, you’ll find an extensive array of dining options from casual to gourmet and everything in between.

Highlights of the neighbourhood include the exciting parade of events happening throughout the year. Notable examples are the Bloor-Yorkville Icefest, the Fleurs de Villes Femmes, and Summer Music in the Park.

Really, though, Yorkville is about the shopping and is home to the retail district that is so upscale it’s earned the nickname the “Mink Mile.” Even if your closet is full, there is always room for that one article of clothing or accessory with your name all over it!

Residents of Yorkville tend to be young and single without children. That said, you still have access to public facilities like Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior Public School and private schools such as Royal St George College, which admits boys from grades 3 to 12.

Housing options in Yorkville consist mostly of high-end condos that allow you to live life to the fullest while enjoying every convenience. However, you will find some luxurious Victorians and other heritage homes hitting the market every now and then. 

Want to know more? You can find our neighbourhood guide right here.


Elegant homes and classic architecture come together to give Rosedale its reputation as one of the most fashionable districts in Toronto. It is also the home of many of Canada’s wealthiest residents. Beautiful parks and green spaces give you the feeling of being in a country paradise. All the while, some of Toronto’s best entertainment and shopping boutiques are just around the corner on Yonge at Summerhill. 

Without a doubt, the highlight of this prestigious neighbourhood is the scenic beauty provided by the natural ravines and breathtaking trails. If you’re a nature lover or fitness enthusiast looking for an upscale neighbourhood with the very best of everything, Rosedale might just be your dream come true.

If you have young children, you’ll be delighted to know that Rosedale is near many of Toronto’s top schools, including Rosedale Heights School of the Arts and Rosedale Public School. The Linden School is a progressive, private school for girls where the average class size is only 11 students.  

The real estate landscape consists of stunning Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor mansions, many of which are officially recognized by the Toronto Historical Board’s Inventory of Heritage Properties. 

Discover more about Rosedale in our community guide right here.

Forest Hill (North and South)

An old bylaw mandates that all homes in Forest Hill be designed by an architect. As a result, the beauty of the mansions you’ll find in Forest Hill (both north and south) will take your breath away. As one of the older, established neighbourhoods, the streets are quiet, peaceful, and lined with trees and greenery.

Forest Hill isn’t just one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Toronto; it is one of the classiest. An enclave of shops and boutiques caters to residents’ every desire and gives the area a small-town feel.

However, you’ll know you’re in a world-class city by the convenience. Step away from the majestic natural beauty of Forest Hill, and you’ve got easy access to public transit and major highways taking you in any direction you need to go.

The highlight of this affluent neighbourhood is the Beltline Trail, a 9 km walking path that takes you through midtown Toronto. Walk, cycle, or jog through the affluent areas of Forest Hill, Rosedale, and Moore Park as you enjoy the spectacular displays of nature.

As you may expect, most homes in Forest Hill are beautiful stone mansions in various Georgian, Tudor, English Country Manor and French Colonial styles. However, the area is developing, and there are now several high-end condos available where you can enjoy the lush views from the comfort of your balcony.

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The Bridle Path

Where do Canadian movie stars, celebrities, and ultra-successful business people go? More often than not, they put down roots in The Bridle Path, now known as “Millionaire’s Row.” In this opulent neighbourhood, you’ll live like the rich and famous do– in multi-million dollar mansions with indoor swimming pools and private movie theatres on lot sizes as large as four acres. 

Each luxurious home is more lavish than the next. This secluded neighbourhood is bordered by the Don River Valley and surrounded by lush green space. Very few roads provide access to the area, which only adds to the exclusive feel of The Bridle Path.

If you have the financial resources and are lucky enough to find an available listing here, your next-door neighbours will be some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Notable residents have included Celine Dion, Drake, and Prince. Even Mick Jagger once owned a mansion on The Bridle Path!

If you’re looking for an upscale shopping experience, Bayview Village is just 12 minutes away, with high-end retailers for clothing, gifts, gourmet food, and more all under one roof.

The Bridle Path is not accessible for cycling or walking, but the residents here don’t mind, as most of them have chauffeurs. Privacy, security, and every kind of luxury imaginable are the highlights of this extravagant neighbourhood.

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Lawrence Park

Looking for a quiet, understated neighbourhood that still exudes luxury? Look no further than Lawrence Park, where you’ll find elegant English Cottage, Tudor Revival, and Colonial-style homes surrounded by rolling hills and peaceful green spaces.

Although once ranked as Canada’s wealthiest community, the residents of Lawrence Park typically enjoy a laidback lifestyle. Like many of Toronto’s upscale neighbourhoods, you’ll have peace and serenity when you need it and easy access to excitement when you want it.

For example, you’ll find everything you could ever need at the endless array of shops, restaurants, and boutiques along Avenue Road and Yonge Street. Other highlights of Lawrence Park include the Alexandra Muir Flower Gardens and Blythwood Ravine Park. Each provides a tranquil outdoor oasis just minutes away from your elegant home.

This family-oriented community is within easy walking distance of public transit. And when it comes to education, it’s one of the best neighbourhoods in all of Toronto. Blythwood Junior Public School and Lawrence Park Collegiate Secondary School are within minutes of each other, each boasting an impressive Fraser ranking.

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What to Look Out For When Buying Pre-Construction

What to Look Out For When Buying Pre-Construction

Nov 18, 2022 | Buyers

It’s easy to let your imagination soar when you think about buying a pre-construction home or condo. You have many reasons to feel enthusiastic and optimistic. Just think of it. Once your project is complete, you’ll have a spectacular, brand-new house that you can’t wait to show off to your friends! Your new place has the latest and greatest technology, and the idea of being the first person to live in the property is exciting. 

It’s true; there are many benefits to buying pre-construction, especially if you can get in early. However, before you head to your local developer or sign any contracts, there are a few points to consider to protect yourself and ensure your dream doesn’t slip through your fingers.

What Is the Builder’s Reputation?

A builder’s track record is one of the most critical things to consider when choosing a pre-construction project. The best place to start your background research is by checking the Home Construction Regulatory Authority website. You can enter the builder’s name to find out how many other projects they have completed. A quick background check will also tell you if any claims have been filed against them through the Tarion New Home Warranty.

Afterwards, try to visit one of their finished projects in person, where you can see the quality of their work for yourself.

Research the Neighbourhood

Researching your new neighbourhood will give you an excellent idea of whether you’re getting a fair price. How does the purchase price of your pre-construction suite compare with other homes in the area? Knowing what amenities and the vibe you want in your new neighbourhood will be a significant factor in your decision. Pre-construction neighbourhoods are often up-and-coming and will not have much in the way of landscaping or green spaces at first. You will have to use your imagination and visualize what it will look like as it develops.

Where should you buy your pre-construction project? There are so many fantastic places to consider all over the GTA! Some of our other posts might give you some inspiration:

What Is the Future Resale Value?

When buying any property, you want to keep its resale value in mind. Take a look not just at the final price but the cost per square foot compared to other projects in the area. A pre-construction unit in an exclusive location or with a more iconic build is more likely to hold value even if the overall market softens.  

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What Standard Finishes Are Included in Your Purchase?

When visiting a model home, the builder often includes all of the upgrades rather than the standard finishes. It can be confusing to understand what you’re actually getting once all is said and done. Another thing to consider is that most upgrades are not included in the mortgage and must be paid in cash upfront.

If you have to sign up for a lot of upgrades because the base model is poor quality, it is better to keep looking. A pre-construction project with better standard finishes may cost more initially but is still more affordable because it is covered in your mortgage. 

What Is Your Intended Use of the Property?

Do you intend to live in the home yourself? Or are you purchasing the property as an investment to rent out? If you are investing, you’ll want to do a careful cost/profit analysis to ensure you can carry the property for the long term.

Look at how much similar properties in the neighbourhood are renting for. If it is enough to cover your monthly payments with some left over for emergencies, you may have found the perfect investment vehicle.

However, you might think twice if you find that your investment will be cash flow negative. Sometimes, the equity gains make it worthwhile, depending on the market and your ability to cover the monthly costs. 

What does it take to become a successful investor in the GTA? Knowledge is a start. These posts below will point you in the right direction:

Is the Layout Well Designed?

Nothing is worse than a poorly designed condo where the layout is so bad that your sofa is facing your kitchen stove, or there is no bedroom window! It can happen if you’re not careful, even in a new build. A well-designed layout is critical, as is having ample natural light in your home.

Before committing to your purchase, check the design and measure every room to ensure that you can comfortably furnish the space. You will have access to the floor plan, which can help you visualize your area once the unit is completed. 

A Real Estate Lawyer With Pre-Construction Experience is Critical!

In Ontario, you have a 10-day cooling-off period where you can rescind your purchase agreement without penalty. This gives you time to have your lawyer scrutinize the builder’s Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS), so there are no unpleasant surprises upon your closing date. 

Closing costs on a pre-construction property are greater than a resale home and can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. 

For example, the municipality will charge a builder developmental and levy fee to enhance the city’s growth. The builder will then pass that charge on to you. Your lawyer can help determine whether or not this fee will be capped, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. 

Is the HST Included?

Unlike resale properties, pre-construction homes are subject to HST. Some developers will build it into the price. Still, taxes can get complex, and it’s best to consult with your real estate lawyer or accountant. In addition, you may be eligible for an HST rebate that can help offset some of your closing costs.

What Is Your Timeline?

Flexibility is of the essence when buying pre-construction, especially for your own use. The builder will give you an expected move-in date, but delays are common. Consider how this will impact you if you are counting on the unit to be ready by a certain time. It’s always a smart idea to allow for a buffer and have a backup plan in case you need to arrange for temporary accommodations. 

Are Assignments Allowed?

An assignment means you can sell your contract to another buyer at the current market value if your plans change. This will allow you to recoup your deposit and potentially earn a profit on your investment. Before signing your agreement, we recommend finding out whether there is a provision in the Builder APS that allows for assignment sales.

Curious about how assignments work? You can read more about them in our article right here.

The Advantages of Buying Pre-Construction

One of the most significant benefits of buying pre-construction is that your deposit payments are tiered over time. Like any real estate purchase, the builder will want 20% of the purchase price as a down payment. However, you don’t need to have it all at once. 

For example, you may need as little as $5000 on signing, with another 5% due in 30 days and the final balance in 180 days. Sometimes, the last 5% isn’t due until your occupancy date, which could be years from your original purchase. In any case, the ability to spread your payments out makes your purchase far more accessible than a resale home.

 A pre-construction property can prove to be a worthy and profitable investment as the value nearly always increases by the time the project is complete. Usually, pre-construction is more expensive than a resale initially. However, remember that you are paying for the future value, which typically means you will come out ahead. 

Brand new homes are valued higher than older residences, especially when investing in an exclusive and desirable area.

The Importance of a Knowledgeable Realtor®

Buying any property can be complex, but pre-construction comes with an entirely different set of challenges. We take a strategic approach in helping clients with pre-construction and provide honest and concise guidance based on what you wish to buy, location and price point. 

When buying as an investment, we help you determine what will have the most future appeal to prospective tenants and the highest resale value. 

When buying for yourself, we discuss your needs and wants in detail to help ensure your new home will serve you well for years to come.

Are you thinking about buying a pre-construction project? We want you to feel confident knowing that you’ve purchased from a reputable builder and will advise you as though we were personally buying the property for ourselves. If you’re ready to get started or have questions, feel free to reach out to us today by email or calling 647-293-3785.


How Toronto Compares to International Cities

Oct 26, 2022 | Toronto

Toronto has long been considered one of the top places to live, not just in Canada but in the world. The quality of life, dining scene, arts, music and culture are incomparable.

Last month, Toronto’s reputation got an even bigger boost when it became the first Canadian city to be featured in the Michelin Guides. This prestigious publication is based out of France and awards stars of excellence to select restaurants and hotels throughout the world.

Earning these awards is no easy feat. A single star is a tremendous honour. Two or more stars place a restaurant on the global stage. At this point, twelve Toronto restaurants have received one star, and one has received two. The award-winning dining scene alone is worth a trip to Toronto, but it is far from the only reason. 

Here are a few other ways our beloved home stands out amongst other international cities.

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Cultural Attractions

Toronto’s diversity and culture helped it rank in Time Out’s Best Cities in the World. The city hosts countless festivals and events throughout the year, including: 

  • Caribana
  • The Canadian National Exhibition
  • The TD Salsa Festival
  • Nuit Blanche Toronto
  • The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
  • Beaches International Jazz Festival
  • Pride Toronto
  • Honda Indy
  • Taste of the Danforth 
  • Rogers Cup Tennis
  • Toronto Christmas Market
  • Toronto International Film Festival

If you’re not into festivals, there is still an abundance of cultural activities